How to Achieve Short Hairstyles with Your Weave

short weave hairstyles

When most people think about hair weaves and hair extensions, they think of long, flowing locks. Hair extensions are supposed to extend the hair, right? Well, not exactly. There are plenty of reasons to get hair extensions, and not all of them have much to do with rocking down-to-there-hair. Many women get hair extensions because they want a hairstyle that they can’t or don’t want to achieve with their own natural tresses – and this can include short styles!

Just think: if you’ve always wanted to try a daring crop, but don’t want to cut your own locks, a short weave hairstyle is the perfect way to test-drive the look without being boxed in by pre-fabricated wigs. You can custom-fit the style to your needs!

First things first, though, make sure to invest in quality virgin hair weaves that are at least a few inches longer than the style you want. Try 10- or 12-inch hand-tied wefts of straight hair for super-short, buzzed cuts (hand-tied wefts are thinner, lie flatter, and thus create less bulk beneath your hairstyle), or consider machine wefts twelve to fourteen inches long for fuller looks like the one pictured on Kelly Rowland (above).

Even a crop this low can be done with a weave

Next, protect your own hair by braiding or wrapping it away. For tapered or shaved looks, try wrapping hair and using a thick net like a stocking cap to ensure that none of your own strands get clipped.

Once that’s done, you’re ready to install the hair extensions. Sew the tracks onto your braids or net as usual, making sure the hair lies as flat as possible. Use a closure piece up top if you plan to sport a style with bangs or other fullness up front, and make sure to clip the loose ends of your weaving thread before moving on.

short weave crop

Now it’s time to cut. Since this is straight hair – wavy or curly hair extensions may give you styling headaches when cut short – wet your locks with a comb before snipping. Make sure to use super-sharp implements that will give you the utmost precision, like a razor, razor-comb, or clippers, to trim the hair to the desired length. Scissors are rarely ever as sharp or exact, so they will likely ruin your short haircut; stick to these three tools, which are better for the cuticle of your hair extensions, anyway. Use a razor or razor-comb for longer pieces of hair, and reserve the clippers for the shortest, most head-hugging cuts.

short layered weave

The shorter your final style, the more you can cut your hair extensions in large chunks, without worrying about sectioning off different areas. Simply bring it all down to about the length you want, and then start detailing different layers and levels with clippers or your razor comb. Make sure not to cut too low with your clippers, and voila! You’re office, office-party, and club ready with a style that suits your face shape and personality. Prepare to turn heads!

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