Indian Remy Hair Myths Debunked

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We hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend! Now for some of us, it's back to work and the play time is over. This doesn't mean that you can't have fun and invest in hair extensions though!

This post is going to be a bit educational, and we hope you enjoy learning about all different types of hair extensions in general. This post will focus specifically on Indian Remy Hair Extensions and what this special type of hair is exactly and where it comes from.

Your gorgeous hair extensions don't look beautiful just because. Here are some known facts about virgin Remy Hair Extensions that explain why your locks are so silky smooth and lovely.

What is Remy hair?

Remy hair is basically the upper and lower ends of hair that are kept in their natural state. The cuticles from the silky strands of hair run in all of the same directions allowing the hair to stay silky smooth and beautiful. Remy hair also does not become easily tangled due to how it originates, which leads to its well known silky appearance and touch.

You'll find Remy hair on our site that has subtle and gentle waves. The texture of the Remy hair is silky soft with subtle waves such as the Loose Curly Indian Remy Hair Weave. This virgin hair is very desirable because of its beautiful classic body wave texture. But enough about how wonderful this hair is, where does it come from?

Where does the hair come from in India?

Often times Remy hair comes from head tonsuring in India. This is a tradition and a religious practice that symbolizes one’s ego to God. Those who are devoted give their hair to God to show respect to Him when He  hears and answers their prayers. People also go on a pilgrimage  and visit a temple where they may shave off their hair. Men, women, and children of all ages do this. Once the person has offered their hair, the hair is collected.

Where does the hair go?

Remy hair is collected and taken to a near by factory where it is sorted according to size. It also is numbered and then put into a bundle for observation. Next the hair is put through the process of hackling where it is untangled and sorted into individual strands. After this step the hair is cleansed and conditioned until no dirt or impurity remains. The deep conditioning helps the hair maintain its virgin state and as soon as it is considered clean and silky, it dries and shortly is ready to become Remy hair to sell.

Hair that is not made from Remy hair becomes tangled a lot easier because the upper and lower ends of the hair are mixed.  The good news for you is that Remy Indian Hair is available at our site as straight, curly, or a kinky curly hair weave. You can instantly have the added hair length you desire and the much needed thickness that you've also been wanting for your hair.

We hope that we debunked some of the myths and questions that you might have had about how Remy hair orignates! Enjoy your soft and gorgeous locks even more now that you know where they come from. They have a bit of history and pilgrimage attached to them!

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