13 Hairstyles to Inspire You for Spring

Spring is here and so are the beautiful flowers that are blooming, the hot short - shorts that go with your favorite tee-shirt, and beaded wefts, that are new on our site! We don't know about you, but we're excited that spring is finally creeping upon us.

Spring means it's a time for you to experiment with new looks and try a new colored nail polish. This also includes trying a fabulous new hairstyle, or trying some hair extensions or weave hairstyles. With longer hair you can experiment with braids and updos, and with short hair you can go with sassy and polished looks. Here are 13 hairstyles to inspire you for spring...because during every spring time their is a renewal and this can absolutely start with your hair!

1. A short pixi cut is fabulous, but with curls? Even more fabulous!

pixi cut with curls

2. Curls with blunt bangs...why not the sunglasses too?!

curls with blunt bags sunglasses 

3. Piecey and perfect blonde tresses are what we love!

piecey blonde hair

4. An ombre bob is screaming our name!


5. Long, curly, and thick!

long thick curly hair 

6. Winged eyes and sleek hair for spring. Sounds good to us!

winged eyes and sleek hair

7. A longer, more polished bob

longer bob hairstyle 

8. A steam permed tight curly weave

tight curly hair weave

9.  Salted caramel hair that's long and straight. May be a great spring transition color.

Salted caramel hair that's long and straight 

10. Beautiful curls, and lots of them

lots of curly hair 

11.  Let's not forget about messy braids!

messy braids

12. Sun kissed beach waves are perfect!

sun kissed beach waves


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