#WFH Beauty & Hair Secrets During the Covid-19 Era

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During this difficult time, more and more people are working from home in response to the Covid-19 outbreak. With salon services completely shut down, it can be a difficult time to concentrate on self-grooming. Maybe you're a busy bee with video conferences galore, or maybe you're bored of the #showusyourroots movement. Chances are, you'll probably find yourself longing for a more complete look as time goes on. During these stressful times, we could use some unconventional tips on self-grooming to look good and feel better. Here at Perfect Locks we feel your pain and have some hair solutions to help you with this most inconvenient time. 

Custom Color Wig Services

We can customize the color on ready-to-wear wigs to suit your requirements with our custom order service, one of our specialties! We have many customers sending us pictures of what they'd like to achieve, and we can make it happen for you too. We can style the wig as per your requirement so it is ready to wear effortlessly. We have some amazing examples to show. 

Our loyal customer April sent us an image from our Instagram and requested us to help her achieve this look for her. We worked with our in-house team of stylists to achieve this look, and this is the final result below.


We started with a blank canvas using a platinum blonde lace front wig. Since we're going to be using custom color, it's important to use Remy hair that's cuticle intact. Be sure to perform a strand test beforehand to make sure the human hair used on the wig will react to the chemicals in the color the way you expect. Since all human hair is natural, the integrity of the hair may require slight adjustments to achieve the results you're expecting.

Wigs are fantastically easy solutions in times like this. It's instant hair make-up, and it can provide a dramatic transformation when you're in a pinch. Our in-house stylist did a custom color job on this beauty, with shadow roots, teasy lights bayalage for lived-in effects, allowing the highlights to blend from the roots through the ends. April was beyond pleased with the end result!

after custom wig services

Rock Ready-to-Wear Wigs

If you're looking for something sooner rather than later, we have plenty of other pre-colored and styled wigs to show yourself some self-love. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with plenty of textures and colors for a totally natural and seamless hairstyle. If you need any help with styling recommendations and/or beauty, don't hesitate to contact us. We hope we can be of help with your hair needs during these stressful times.  

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