The Life of a Modern Mom

Being a mother today is far more complex than it used to be. Not only do we often run a household, but as a working mom you also must juggle caring for your career and self as much as being a good partner and nurturer at home.

The life of a modern mom is defining by two words: balancing act.

When I was young growing up in Bangalore, India my mom was a real go-getter, working as a banker and yet still always made time for us (somehow). Poet Maya Angelou described my mom’s energy perfectly when describing her own mom, “to describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power.” That was mom.

Morning to night she would serve as homemaker, breadwinner, nursemaid, cheerleader, confidante, wife, and friend with the kind of passion and perseverance that was almost an art form. Through the eyes of a younger me, she always seemed so well put together, so poised and as busy as she was, I always wished that she would just stay home with me. Now that I am a mother myself, I realize her greatest gift was always putting on a brave face for us. It is not easy to keep work life and family life separate with one not affecting the other.

Choosing to pursue a career means a lot to a woman, almost as much as family. There is a desperate need to set goals for yourself, be proud of your achievements and feel like you have found a place for yourself in the world. In a larger sense, it is also about feeling that the choice to be a wife, partner or mother does not define all that you are.

Getting started with Perfect Locks was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream but running a successful business and being as successful as a mother is complicated. Drawing a line between work and family could be incredibly overwhelming and at times I would question everything. In these moments when I did not know how could balance the two, I would hear my mom’s reassuring voice in my mind. I drew on her strength and thought, if she could do it…so could I. She showed me how it could be done, with clear lines in the sand, work time vs home time, to work hard, never give up but most importantly remember to show my love to my family with as much passion as I chased my business dreams.

It is challenging to be successful as a mom, but all I can say to mothers everywhere who experience these same feelings to dig deep, breath and listen to the voice of your mom. Our gift is our nurturing nature, and it never ever leaves the heart and minds of our children as it never leaves us. Follow your dreams, push yourself but never forget those little eyes that look up to you want you to simply be there for them.

I love you Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day.

mom and me

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