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The "It" Haircolor For Summer: Honey Wheat

There is perhaps no color as iconically tied to the long, lazy days of summer as golden hued blonde. It is a color that represents beach days and afternoons lounging in the sunlight. One look at Hollywood this summer and you’ll see one dominant “it” shade of it that everyone is wearing: Honey Wheat. 

It’s not too cool, not too warm and is the kind of buttery golden with just a hint of brown that evoke images of acres of wheat. One of the reasons the who’s who of celebrities are popping for it this summer is that is incredibly low maintenance and a go-to transitional shade from cooler blondes. It looks stunning when paired darker layers courtesy of well paced extensions for a dimensional effect, or with some curls and waves for that “beach babe” look.

This ALSO happens to be one of our most popular natural shades available in everything from tape-ins to volumizers and clip-in sets. Check them out below and also some celebrities rocking Honey Wheat to inspire your own style!

Explore Honey Blonde Hair Extensions


The reality TV maven debuted a new look after her break with Kanye that fans went wild for. Last month to promote her new collection for SKIMS, she was photographed for the marketing campaign in a stunning honey wheat blonde with matching eyebrows and a dark shadowy root. 


The Aussie actress and producer graced the cover of ELLE Magazine back in April and will be spotted on the cover British Vogue next month with her honey wheat blonde hair in tow. Photographed for both spots exclusively in Chanel, she is spending this summer like a 1970s supermodel with her caramel blonde hair and lash kissing bangs.


American model and wife of Justin Bieber a little over a week ago visited celebrity colorist Cassondra Kaeding to try on the honey wheat color trend for herself. Her fans went wild, offering up 1.4 million likes.


The rapper was spotted on ABC’s “The Celebrity Dating Game” reboot with stunning honey wheat hair down to her waist. The show was the debut of her new summer look join before she starts a tour with Pitbull next month called, “I Feel Good Tour”.


Last but not least, celebrity stylist Chris Appleton shared a picture of gal pal Jennifer Lopez back in May with effortlessly wavy honey wheat hair and flawless eyebrows and lashes. He worked with her behind the scenes for the InStyle Magazine “The Beauty Issue” creating the perfect textured beach hair look to kick off summer. 


Experiment! Get creative! This haircolor trend is predicted to be on trend well into autumn. 

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