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The Gal’s Guide to Teasy Textured Hair

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If there is one thing that the 21st century has given us, it is normalizes natural texture. After over a century of curls, kinks and waves being looked down on, today's texture is embraced in a way never dreamed of before. For the first time everyone from the average gal to Hollywood elite are rocking curly styles or reaching for curly hair extensions to give them even more texture to play with! But it comes with some challenges, so we rounded up our favorite tips, tricks and hair hacks so your curly extensions AND natural hair will look amazing all year round!


There is no bigger enemy to texture than humidity. Curly hair (even extensions) tends to frizz up as soon as you finish showering, so tackling frizz starts BEFORE you even get out of the shower! Firstly, conditioner needs several minutes to do its magic, so leave it on as long as you can. Our Curl Care Defining Conditioner for example we recommend using daily, leaving it on for 2 to 3 minutes before rinsing. Twice a week we recommend a good deep conditioning mask like our Deep Conditioner, which you should leave on for at least 5 minutes.

After showering, minimize blow dryer use (even with a diffuser) as it can dry your hair out and lead to frizz and flyaways. You should also ditch the towel (as the course fibers can lift your cuticle) and instead use a microfiber towel or even a t-shirt. 

If you need to brush your hair do that BEFORE drying your hair, or the result will be a frizzy nest. Remember to comb your hair from the bottom up, which allows you to detangle each knot.  

Starting at the bottom allows you to gently detangle each knot, rather than compounding them all toward the bottom and yanking your way through with a comb.

If you want to use a flat iron, set it between 350 and 400 degrees, but no higher!

Style and finish with either a leave-in conditioner or even Argan Oil for additional moisture, using a wide-toothed comb to let your curls form naturally. Remember not to use too much styling product, just keep it simple. 

Flip your head over and diffuse lightly with a blow dryer and just start scrunching to create great bounce and volume.

teasy textured hair


There are many different types of curl formations depending on the genes you were born with that determine them. A well known secret to Hollywood celebrity stylists comes down to the right haircut that can give your texture a lot of bouncy movement that doesn't require a lot of maintenance. Case in point is Tessa Thompson’s angular bob, a wash-and-go voluminous style that needs little more than a good leave-in conditioner or hair oil to look amazing.

If you want a little more length, ask your stylist to trim and shape your extensions into a shoulder length style, taking out the weight for movement, but keeping the length.

If you love big, big volume, working with a hairdresser to cut, tease and shape your natural hair and hair extensions into a stunning classic rounded ‘fro is a timeless summer look. 


Slathering oil onto your hair might seem counterintuitive, but hair oils are a blanket solution for everything from lifeless tresses to damaged ends and the ultimate secret weapon to softer, shiner and more luxurious hair. Hair serums like our Argan Oil aren’t JUST great as a daily leave-in, but it can also be used as a PRE-shampoo rinse on dry hair before you shower. Similar to the reverse hair washing trend (conditioner and then shampoo), apply it through the lengths of your hair before you shower and it will add layers of protection from the damage that occurs when hair is most vulnerable: when it’s wet. 

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