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The Do's and Dont's of Caring for Lace Closures and Frontals 

If there’s any beauty product you shouldn’t cut corners with, it’s your haircare and closures. Lace closures and frontals are Hollywood’s best-kept secret but not all are created equally. That’s also not to mention that there are some major do’s and don’ts that can mean the difference between an “au naturel” look and one that would end up as a viral Internet meme. To keep your lace frontals on point, avoid committing these haircare crimes and follow the do's to achieve a flawless look. 

Do Know your stuff

The first secret to shopping (and wearing) lace closure wigs is to know what you’re doing. Anyone can flip into a wig and call it a day but not everyone can pull it off like Queen Bey herself.

Before anything else, always do your research. As women, we have some serious FBI skills when it comes to the Internet and finding things out about whatever (and whoever) we want. You know it’s true, ladies. So, now is the time to use your stalking searching skills to find out everything you need to know about lace closures and lace frontals.

Don't Get suckered into online deals that are too good to be true

One common mistake is taking advantage of a what-seems-like-a-good deal for lace frontals online. There are very few things in life where the no-name version is a good alternative; your future front lace closures are not one of them. That’s not to say that you have to dish out your lifetime savings but as the saying goes, ‘If it seems too good to be true, it probably is’. So, avoid a seriously bad hair day by always shopping quality. 

Do Know the difference between lace frontals and lace closures

As mentioned, not all hair care products are created equally. It’s imperative to not only know what lace frontals and lace closures are but to also know the differences between the two because the care requirements will be different.  For example, with lace closures, your hair will grow and you’ll need to retouch it every couple of weeks. With lace frontals, you will need to touch it up with weekly maintenance and upkeep. That’s only one example and there are many more. So, know the difference and you’ll be able to determine which one is best for you – and for keeping a flawless look with the right kind of care.

Don't Treat your lace frontals and lace closures like a real scalp

If there’s one thing you should take away from this blog, let it be this tip! Lace frontals and lace closures are incredibly delicate and they need some specific TLC from time to time. You can’t treat them like you would a real scalp. You need to proceed with caution.

So, as a rule of thumb, no scratching, no intense scrubbing, combing or using poor quality hair products.

Do Get the proper haircare products

With the prior mentioned, we can’t say it enough – use proper hair care products. Forbid the junk lining the shelves at your local drugstore. Often times, they’re packed with toxins and chemicals that can ruin your front closures or lace frontals before you even get used to your new do. Always use sulfate-free hair care infused with safe and effective ingredients to keep your hair looking flawless, lush and hydrated.  

Don’t Get your Hair Extremely Hot

Listen ladies, we know you’re on fire when you get your lace closures or lace frontals. But in regards to temperature, you have to take it down a notch. Extreme heat will damage the hair and turn your flawless look into one you’ll frown upon – and that’s just never good. So, let your man do the barbecuing, don’t get too close to the fireplace and avoid hot irons.  

It can be hard to spend your hard-earned paycheck on a killer lace closures or lace frontals if you have no idea why you’re doing it. Obviously, you know you’re going to look flawless but there are many benefits to shopping quality hair care and wigs. Do your research, understand the benefits and commit to taking proper care of your hair. 

The most naturally gorgeous hair is a click away