The Biggest Hair Extension Sale of the Year is Almost Here

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Brace Yourselves…

The biggest hair extension sale of the year is almost here! You’ve waited all year long for this sale and now you’re just days away from enjoying one of the best sales in the hair industry. We’ve got major deals on just about everything, even our best sellers! Grab your cards, get your carts ready and let’s get ready to shop!

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Are You Ready?

If this is your first Black Friday shopping experience or you feel like you could use some tips to get the best deal possible, check out our last blog post. We shared some great tips and tricks that will turn you into a Black Friday shopping pro in no time!

Earn More Points as a VIP!

Black Friday deals are sweet, but they’re even better as a VIP. Our VIP members will enjoy early access to the sale, potentially enjoy an extra discount, as well as earn 2x the perfect points that can earn you so many points that you can enjoy some major rewards on your next purchase! Not a VIP yet? Sign up now!

Enjoy Major Deals In-Store!

What’s a Black Friday sale without some exciting doorbusters?! Be some of the first in line and you’ll enjoy some amazing deals that are only exclusive to the first few customers. Last year’s line up started pretty early so make sure you make it in time! Need directions? Click here to find out location!

Want the most up to date news on our Black Friday deals? Be sure to follow us on InstagramFacebook and Twitter, as well as sign up for our mailing list. Happy shopping!

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