The Best Hair of Fashion Week 2022

Fashion Week is back and from New York to London and beyond the “it” fashion of spring/summer has already been declared and most recently we’re getting a look ahead for fall/winter. Where hair is concerned the trends range from the new beach waves for summer to the latest take on the shag. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites below!

Water Waves are the “New” Beach Wave

A look ahead to summer always sees the return of the classic mermaid or beach waves, that “down to there” look of extra long hair extensions with a little bit of wave. But the newest version of this trend are long and sleek with a flat S-shaped wave that move with grace just like the waves of the ocean.

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Eyelash Kissing Bangs

Celebrity Lily Collins has been a big fan of bangs, having worn them in various ways and at different lengths over the years. Clip In Bangs work for anyone and frame the face perfectly when you pick the length and texture that’s right for you.

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Expensive Blonde

If Expensive Brunette was the “it” color of fall/winter, Expensive Blonde is the new reigning champion of spring/summer. Hillary Duff recently made waves with her new mane of hair: a center part blonde ombre.  

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Or our Ombre 12/27/613 22” Tape-In Extensions

The Party Curl Shag

The shag has become an ever present hair trend year after year because of its enduring contemporary look that is as fun as it is natural. It’s edgy without being overstated and works for every kind of texture. But for curly hair it can be particularly fetching with a glam rocker vibe.

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Romantic Bohemian Waves

Sometimes hairstyles don’t have to be complicated to be trendy. Case in point: classic Bohemian style which is simple, shiny, frizz free and air with movement. It is layered to move with the grace of spring and summer breezes.This super long mermaid length look is a little bit French in terms of how carefree it is. Aside from some hair oil and brushing, it needs very little for you to head out the door.

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