All About Hair Loss and Temporary Fixes

When you notice thinning or the beginnings of partial hair loss, it can be frightening and paralyzing for men or women. So much of our identity is wrapped up in our hair, how we wear it, style it and when we start to lose it, it taps into fear of aging, loss of youth or simply loss of that identity. Hair loss can either be permanent as part of the genetic lottery that is androgenetic alopecia AKA pattern baldness or temporary. In the case of either there is hair loss treatment that can be pursued to hide or mask the condition, but in this blog we want to share some of the temporary and VERY reversible causes of extra hair shedding and what you can do about it. Let’s talk about treating hair loss and male and female pattern baldness!

hair loss in men and women

Telogen Effluvium Explained

When you hear a word like Telogen Effluvium your eyes probably gloss over, but if you notice a higher than average amount of hair in your tub drain or in your comb or brush, this condition is a common culprit. Stress is one of the leading causes of hair loss and the good thing about stress be it physical stress or mental stress is that it can be managed. 

You shed approximately 50 to 100 strands of hair every day during the natural cycle of our hair in which the hair follicles your hair grows from push the strands out of a neutral phase to a resting phase. During this cycle, 85% of our hair is actively growing during what’s called an anagen phase while 15% are in a resting phase. 

Telogen Effluvium is temporary hair loss that is initiated by psychological shock or physical changes to the body due to shock or stress. 

Causes can be:

  • Illness (such as COVID-19) that cause fevers

  • Rapid weight loss (20 pounds or more over a short period of time)

  • Surgery or physical severe trauma

  • Hyperthyroidism or other metabolic conditions

  • Certain medications (I.E. retinoids, hormonal medications, anticoagulants or beta-blockers)

  • Nutrient deficiency from low protein intake or iron deficiency 

  • Giving birth can also trigger it due to the shock to the body

Telogen Effluvium Temporary Hair Loss Solutions 

Firstly, don’t panic because your hair will return as your body heals provided that the root cause is addressed, particularly if it’s stress related. With all of these solutions it’s important to speak to your healthcare provider to identify the specific reason for the condition. Also remember that your normal hair pattern and density takes time to return. Below we share some of the solutions we make to help you hide or mask the condition, just remember not to get frustrated!

  1. Reduce the stress! Mindful meditation, naps or any activity that gives you pleasure such as working out, hiking or tapping into your artistic side can all go a long way to help you. Changes to your lifestyle aren’t easy, but you’ll be all the happier for it in the long run.

  2. Correct issues with your diet. Lack or protein or iron in your diet can trigger the condition, so start by eating protein rich foods and foods high in iron.

  3. For hormonal and metabolic conditions, take medication! After speaking to your healthcare provider and identifying the cause, take recommended medication to correct hormonal imbalances or correct your metabolism.

  4. If you’re lacking nutrients, start taking nutrient supplements or vitamins that help with hair growth. 

  5. If the cause of hair loss is a medication, speak with your healthcare provider to see if there are alternatives that won’t contribute to hair loss. 

  6. For hair loss due to high fever from illness such as COVID-19, read more here:


Hair Loss Concealers

Volumizers or thickening products can go a long way in plumping up the hair you have to mask the hair loss condition, but completely concealing that visible scalp is better! Concealers like our Perfect Locks Hair Building Fibers, hide patchy hair with electrostatically charged keratin fibers that click to your fine hair and build upon one another. Made of the same material your hair is, they are talc and clump-free, so they won’t clog your hair follicles or build up on your scalp leading to other issues. 


How do these hair loss treatments work?

Designed to be as effortless daily, it takes less than 30 seconds to apply the product and go! Following your typical morning shower routine, dry and style your hair as desired. Pop the cap and simply shake the Perfect Locks™ Hair Fibers on areas of thinning hair and noticeable loss of fullness, the perfect solution to simulate hair growth. Pat gently and use a brush to work the hair fibers through. In fact, the more you brush, the thicker and more natural looking your result becomes. Finish and set with a shot of hairspray and you’re done!

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