Take Control of Your Hair Loss with Perfect Toppers

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Take Control of Your Hair Loss with Perfect Toppers

Often, hair loss and thinning hair creeps up on you. Hair fall is regular and its common to see some hair in your brush or even in the sink or tub, but it's when that hair falls and never comes back that the actual condition of medical hair loss has arrived. While often it is genetic, other times your thinning or partial hair loss is due to a medical condition or even due to chemotherapy. Firstly it’s important to know you aren’t alone, in fact 50% of women will experience hair loss at some point in their lives. 

If you’re here because you’re experiencing hair loss or are anticipating it due to treatment, we have a more detailed article that breaks down some of the causes of hair loss and what you can do about it

In this article we want to share everything you wanted to know about hair toppers. Also, we wanted you to know that Toppers or Wigs are considered “Cranial Hair Prosthesis” and your health insurance can reimburse you 80% to 100% if you’ve been diagnosed by a medical doctor. See our blog here on how you can file for Insurance Coverage for your topper or wig

What are Hair Toppers?

human hair toppers

If you’ve ever used hair extensions before, they’re the best of both worlds, right in the middle between extensions and wigs. Sometimes wiglets or half wigs, unlike a full wig, they only offer you discrete coverage for specific areas of your head as opposed to your whole head. Since most hair loss begins at the crown (top of your head), Hair Toppers offer you renewed hair density and thickness.

Hair Toppers are designed for durable, long lasting wear with real hair (or synthetic hair which we don’t recommend) hair attached to a base. Modern Hair Topper bases are made of a breathable fabric, avoiding the kind of sweaty, itchy, uncomfortable feeling of older units. They are designed for people with thinning hair or more advanced stages of hair loss where small to large thin or bald patches are visible. They require some of your natural hair to blend and attach to, so they are not ideal for almost full to complete hair loss (we’d recommend wigs for this stage).

How do Hair Toppers work?

Your Hair Topper is placed on your head, cut and sized to the right length and width of the spot you are trying to cover. Where it is placed depends on the stage that your hair loss is at currently.  Hair Toppers should always be placed about 1 to 1 1.2 inches from your hairline.

Stages of Hair Loss

Hair Toppers easily attach to your existing hair with durable clips that allow for more comfortable wear than older systems that used tapes or glues. This means you can apply your topper in just minutes!

Once installed you can style your Hair Topper any way you like, including using hot tools. We do recommend you use a thermal styling spray to protect the hair from heat damage. 

NEVER sleep with your Hair Topper in while you sleep. As you move in the night, it can damage the hair unit, the clips or worse, add tension to your natural hair, pulling and causing further hair loss. 

What is the difference between a Hair Topper and a Wig?

As mentioned previously, Hair Toppers are ideal for thinning hair, lack of density and partial baldness. They are an excellent solution to offer you complete coverage of an affected area, fully restoring your hair density and fullness.

Wigs however are required when you have more advanced or complete hair loss that cannot be covered by the 6.5” x 6” Hair Topper. This level of hair loss is most common in cases of chemotherapy or advanced cases of alopecia. It’s important for you to know that you shouldn’t feel shame if you need to move from a Hair Topper to a full wig. We’ve endeavored to make the natural, high quality, natural wigs available anywhere. 

How do I choose a Hair Topper?

Quality is the most important, but so is realism, wear, durability and discretion. Cheaper Hair Toppers can include synthetic or non-remy hair that will be prone to tangles or look “fake” against your natural hair. Moreover, low quality Hair Toppers use clips that could cause damage to your natural hair by pulling on your hair, damaging the cuticle root, resulting in further hair loss.

Perfect Locks only uses 100% Human Indian Remy Hair of the finest quality for all of our Hair Toppers. The hair is mounted to a 5.9” x 6.2” MonoPart™ Base that mimics the illusion of natural hair growth. 

Our Perfect Topper is available in a standard 16” length that can be blended, cut and shaped. 

Hair Extension length Chart


Firstly, choose a color and texture as close to your natural hair as possible. If need be, a professional stylist can custom color your Hair Topper for a perfect color match.

Our Hair Topper units measure 6.5” from front to back and 6” 

Hair Topper Diagram


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Why is using real human hair so important?

  • Synthetic hair has a dull, flat look or overly shiny appearance that doesn’t look real. Hair Toppers with real human hair have a reflective, natural shine just like your real hair!
  • Real human Hair Toppers blend in seamlessly with your hair, from the way it moves to the way it looks.
  • Whereas synthetic Hair Toppers tangle very easily, real human hair doesn’t tangle. The reason it doesn’t tangle is because Remy hair is sorted in such a way that all of the cuticles face the same way, so these very small plates that make up our hair don’t hook on each other. 
  • Real Human Hair Toppers can even be used with blowdryers or irons to get the style and finish you want. Synthetic Hair Toppers are almost impossible to heat style and moreover, they can quickly burn.

How long will my Perfect Topper last?

Your Hair Topper will last for a year or longer provided you care for it. How long you wear it each time, properly caring for it by washing it, and being careful not to damage it all ensure maximum shelf life. 

Hair Toppers made with 100% Human Indian Remy Hair are detached from your scalp obviously, so they don’t benefit from the natural hydrating oils that your natural hair enjoys. You’ll need to wash and conditioner your Perfect Topper with a sulfate-free, non damaging, gentle formula that is specifically designed for hair extensions. 

You ONLY want to wash your unit as needed however, no sooner than every few weeks of use. Any sooner and more frequently than that and it could decrease the life of your hair unit.

How do I install a Hair Topper?

  1. Begin by brushing your Hair Topper to give it volume and separation. A paddle brush is recommended, but not just any paddle brush will do. We recommend our Hair Extension Loop Brush that is specially designed to be gentle on extensions and hair units. 
  2. Next brush your own natural hair so it’s free of tangles and can be blended well with your Hair Topper.
  3. Tease the hair around the thinning area you wish to cover gently where you will be attaching the clips. This allows your Hair Topper to attach more easily and securely to your hair for the day.
  4. Place your Hair Topper over your thinning hair area you wish to hide, moving it slightly around your hairline until you’re happy that it’s well placed with your natural hair surrounding it.
  5. Press and shift the clips to secure them in place and lightly press on them for a firm hold.
  6. Lightly brush your hair topper and natural hair to integrate your natural hair with the hair from the Hair Topper for a discrete finish.
  7. Go to town styling it as you wish with hairspray or thermal tools!

Hair Topper Success Stories

If the proof is in the results, below see some Hair Stories and before and after showcasing how natural and discrete our Perfect Toppers look!

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