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The Best Hairstyles for the Perfect Crown

Hair loss or dealing with challenging thinning hair be it progressive and permanent or merely temporary due to post COVID stress to the body, surgeries, pregnancy or hormone therapy. While crown hair toppers are amazing in that these wiglets are fast and easy to clip on and give you thickness.....
Epic Halloween Hairstyles: Celebrity Edition
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Epic Halloween Hairstyles: Celebrity Edition

When it comes to Halloween, eventually we all get too old for trick or treating, but just because the free candy and roaming dark streets at night comes to an end...doesn’t mean that adults can’t indulge in the “spirit” of the season! Over the years some of the biggest Hollywood.....
hair solutions for aging women
Hair Loss

Hair Loss Solutions for Beautifully Aging Women

Hair loss can become a serious concern for women as we gracefully age. Educating ourselves about the various reasons for hair loss and taking control of the situation is an important step in dealing with the process. Reasons for hair loss can range from: childbirth, stress, general nutrition, using the wrong hair products, or.....
how to install a U-Part Wig
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How a U-part Wig Can Change Your Life

Back in February of 2020 Kylie Jenner visited celebrity stylist Jesus Guerrero who chopped her locks and left her with a shorter style that she couldn’t quite get into. To get her length back while she did a grow out period, she was fitted for a discrete U-Part ombre wig.....
Hairstyle Ideas for Type 4 Kinky Curly Hair
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Hairstyle Ideas for Type 4 Kinky Curly Hair

Kinky curls, nappy, coarse, resistant, bad—you’ve heard it all before, when it comes to Type 4 hair. These super-textured zigzags are simply misunderstood, though. Type 4 hair can do lots of things…in fact, anything, if treated properly and handled carefully. As most African American women know, Type 4 tresses can be.....
The Difference: Lace Front, Full Lace, & U-Part Wigs
Wigs and hairpieces

The Difference: Lace Front, Full Lace, & U-Part Wigs

When it comes to finding the right wig for you, the selection process can be a little intimidating, much less overwhelming. How you like to part and style your hair, your budget or even your own form of comfort all are factors. So how to choose? What is the difference.....
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Get Hollywood Style with U-Part Wigs

The who’s who of Hollywood have had a love affair with wigs for over a century, but today’s wigs are miles ahead when it comes to comfort, durability and even types. If extensions or sew-ins aren’t quite your thing, and you like to take your hair off at the end.....
men's hairstyles for 2021
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Find The Right Hairstyle for Your Men's Hair Unit!

The rise of men’s hair loss worldwide and demand for solutions has some men flying all over the world to try painful and risky surgical options. It is the reason we have joined so many companies specializing in add-on hair to offer safe non-surgical options. But once you have been.....
hair loss during covid pandemic

Hair Loss and COVID: Causes and Solutions

Global demand for wigs, toppers and hair extensions is up, but the cause is a byproduct of COVID-19: hair loss. On average, 100 strands of hair fall per day, increasing in the fall and the summer months to coincide with seasons. This seasonal shedding is evolutionary, but people recovering from.....
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8 Mega Celebrities Who Love to Wear Wigs

There was a point in time when wigs, like hair extensions, were something worn so discretely that women never admitted to wearing them. How times have changed! Today, the who’s who of Hollywood and even recording artists not only talk about how much they love them, but also how they.....
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5 Tips On How To Wear and Care For Your Wig

When it comes to wigs, women have been caring for and wearing them since ancient Egypt when the elite and royal family used them as statement of their position and power. Since then, the art of crafting wigs and hair systems has come a LONG way but one thing remains.....
How to Win at Hair Loss with a Hair Topper
Hair Loss

How to Win at Hair Loss with a Hair Topper

Hair toppers or wiglets are a great solution to hair loss! Hair toppers work best for women who are experiencing slight to a significant amount of hair loss on the crown of their head or their hairline. If your hair loss is not severe enough to need a wig, toppers.....
How To Put A Wig On
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4 Simple Steps to Putting On and Securing a Wig Without Adhesives

Wigs are this year’s hottest trend. Even your favorite celebrities are rocking wigs for photo shoots, red carpets, and using them to change up their everyday style. Wigs used to be celebrities’ best-kept secret but now, they’re everyone’s go-to hair solution. Whether you are experiencing major hair loss, looking for.....
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Red Carpet Ready Looks with Celebrity Styled Wigs

Our limited edition celebrity style wigs have been a big hit since their launch! Our customers are loving the custom colors, cuts and styles all 15 wigs have to offer. These wigs are so on-trend that even celebrities themselves are wearing them! Star actress, Ryan Destiny, showed off one of.....
Best Short Hair Extension Styles for Summer
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Best Short Hair Extension Styles for Summer

Looking to update your summer style? Whether you are in desperate need of a shorter style to survive the heat but unwilling to cut your hair, or if you want to add a little length or volume to your do’ these looks are perfect! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! New.....