Slay COVID-19 with these Summer Hairstyle Trends

This summer is going to be unique in history. Traditionally from coast to coast, we’d be packing up cars to head for mountains and lakes or hitting the beach, but with COVID-19 and social distancing people are indulging close to home. Celebrities are rocking extensions close to home, influencers getting daring with style, and everyone else is taking the opportunity to present hairstyles that are simple, feminine and elegant. The dominant hair trends? The mid-length chop, blunt-yet-textured ends, and sleek, composed Cher hair! Explore some of these trends below that clients will be looking for... 

TREND #1: Composed “Cher Hair”

Retro hairstyles from the 1970s and 1980s are evergreen and every year we see a retake on these classics. Of all icons, Cher personifies bold femininity with her mile-long hair and modern celebrities mirror her look constantly. The key to the look (beyond length alone courtesy of Perfect Locks Extensions), is a soft, elongated and natural-looking wave. This style is all about radiant shine, so frizz eliminators with a thermal protectant and some clever hot tools work to get those waves are key.

cher hair hairstyle trends for summer

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TREND #2: Blunt Cuts with LOTS of Texture!

For over two decades, the lob has been one of the summer’s best-loved hairstyles. What’s new for 2020? Texture - and lots of it! This updated version incorporates a strong perimeter to achieve the blunt finish with lots of choppy layers added in for drama & dimension. Spotted on Nina Dobrev & Selena Gomez, this looks and says what makes this look great is that it gives a great, strong focus to the face, neck, and shoulders. The key of course is having the density to make it work (thanks to extensions!)

blunt cut summer hairstyles

RECOMMENDED: This style when paired with summer trendy ombre simply dazzles. Our Wavy or Curly Ombre Tape-In Hair Extensions last 4 to 6 months and will carry this trendy look through the fall. 

TREND #3: Mid-Length Cut

The average mid-length cut can be more “ho-hum” than “wow”, so the key to make it pop is to add a few special touches to add drama and interest. Simply add long, choppy layers and keep the length just past the collarbone, only layering as needed to remove weight. This style is great for the client who wants a subtle change without compromising too much length. As a general rule of thumb, opt for less layering for fine to medium weight hair; more for thicker and curly hair. Bonus? Pair different shades of extensions to create a dimensional balayage look.

mid-length hairstyle trends for summer 

RECOMMENDED: The key to this look will be having the length and density for a stylist to work their magic. Consider our Virgin Weave Bundle and Frontal Deal!  

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