Say Hello to Gorgeous Fusion I-Tips for Textured Hair

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Fusion Hair extensions are a time-tested and popular method that can add dimension and versatility to your hair. Fusion I-tip extensions give hairdressers multiple options with the installation process, they can be installed with keratin glue or micro-rings. Both methods allow for a lightweight installation which allows for free-flowing movement.

Features of our fusion I-Tips:

  • Steam permed virgin Indian hair texture
  • Natural virgin color from root to end
  • Long-lasting Italian keratin bond
  • Tips can be removed and reapplied
  • 25 tips per pack, .7 grams per strand

Perfect Locks straight, wavy, and curly i-tips have been very popular since we introduced them in 2011! However, it's been pretty difficult finding your hair texture when it comes to hair extensions, until now! We're finally adding new textures to the lineup... Kinky Curly and Relaxed Straight! 

Kinky Curly Fusion I-Tips

Our kinky curly i-tips are full of kinks and curls, the texture is absolutely gorgeous! We steam perm our Virgin hair around metal rods to achieve this texture. It blends perfectly with hair on the kinkier side. Pulling the curls opens them up even more.. if you’re a curly-haired girl, then this texture is for you!

kinky curly i-tip texture

Relaxed Straight Fusion I-Tips

Our relaxed straight i-tips are perfect for more textured hair... it’s thicker than our regular hair and is a bit on the coarser side. Whichever texture is right for you, you can rest assured Perfect Locks fusion hair will satisfy your needs. These textures are gorgeous!

relaxed straight i-tip texture


We’ve seen a very high demand for these textures in our fusion line... and we’re delighted to bring them to you. Stock may be limited due to high demand, so purchase them while supplies last!

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