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Pumpkin Spice Hair is Trending Again

With autumn well and truly here, as regular as clockwork pumpkin spice everything returns and with coppery reds and dark auburns already being the “it” color this year, it’s back with a vengeance!

And it’s not just hair, since about 2013 the world has been caught up in pumpkin fever the moment last August rolls around and Starbucks rolls out their Pumpkin Spice Latte again. This year however, the Google searches were wild: 

The most-searched pumpkin spice food of all time is neither pie nor turkey, but rather "pumpkin spice cookies"

Last month , searches for "pumpkin spice ravioli" increased +900% ...

... and "pumpkin spice cheesecake enchiladas" searches have exploded over 1,000%

… and searches for "pumpkin spice latte hair color" have spiked +450%.

What makes this particular haircolor so appealing beyond its seasonality is that it works for pretty much anyone regardless of skin tone and offers a warm complimentary look at any complexion. 

Want to get the look with extensions? Perfect Locks stocks a rich, autumnal dark auburn or a golden brown in virtually all of our offerings. Try some tape-ins hair extensions

Or perhaps our premium Straight U-Part Wig

Here’s some pumpkin spice inspiration for you to inspire that next style:

Pumpkin Spice Texture

We’ve come so far when it comes to how texture is represented and showcased and this beautiful head of coiled autumn curls is a straight up mood!

Kaia Gerber’s Dramatic Pumpkin

Last year for the 40th anniversary issue of i-D magazine, Kaia unveiled her pumpkiny pink hair with a wavy textured blunt bob:

Ashley Benson’s Auburn Red

When it comes to trend, Ashley Benson is not only always on trend, she’s on trend before the trend even breaks! Back in August she made made the leap to pumpkin spice early, garnering 1 million likes with even Demi Lovato dropping some love for her new look.

Zendaya’s Vintage Hair

Last year Zendaya upped the ante with pumpkin spice hair when she paired it with a vintage bombshell poodle cut! This voluminous and wavy style dominated in the late 1950 and 1960s at the height of the big hair boom. In a photo shoot for the cover of Essence Magazine, she shows that even vintage hairstyles can pop with pumpkin!

Pumpkin Braids For Days

Palm Spring colorist Sydney Ann Lopez loves playing with color almost as much as she does braids. She pairs a classic braided crown with a wide fishtail braid for an autumn look that is perfect for leaf peeping or hitting the farm stand.

Gigi Hadid’s Pumpkin Spice Hair

Another early pumpkin spice bloomer was Gigi Hadid who switched up her look all the way back in June, premiering the look on Instagram with stunning yellowy gold eye makeup that complimented the warm tones in her hair.

Party At the Pumpkin Patch

Last but not least is absolutely epic bit of texture with a whole lot of party in stunning deep auburn. This teased and voluminous style is as big as it can get and the perfect style for a vampy Halloween queen.

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