Priyanka's Thoughts on Mother's Day

I’ve always believed and felt in my heart that a Mother and Daughter share a powerful bond, unique in all the world, and while women feel a kinship for each other…that parental connection is something more. In 1906, Marie Curie received the terrible news that her husband had been killed in an accident. At the turn of the 20th century, she found herself a widow to two young daughters. Despite this, and despite the critical work she was doing in the field of science she somehow was always fondly remembered by her daughters for how much she did to shape them as women in an age where they couldn’t vote, much less respected in science or business.

Today it’s perhaps in some ways still not easy being a woman, much less a woman in business, but I think the greatest Mother instills strength and empathy alike. My Mom as I’ve mentioned before was always a hard-working woman, even to this day. She provided, she nurtured and it’s from her that I gained my values and work ethic… and also my survival skills.

While I gained so much from my Mother, the act of being motherly is more of a trait than just a maternal role. Today I find myself thinking of all the women in my life who helped make me the woman and mother I am today. Mom couldn’t always be there for me, especially when it came to the emotional needs of a young girl, but when she couldn’t be I always found myself surrounded by loving aunts.

It can be hard to express yourself to a parent, particularly when Daughters but heads with Mothers, as much as Sons but heads with Fathers. My aunts were always there to listen, and offer advice and support in ways I needed and when I needed it. When I couldn’t solve a problem and couldn’t go to my Mom, they helped me work through my pain and confusion. Just like any young girl I struggled to make friends, and struggled to make sense of the world around me…but my aunts were always there to lean on. Having that kind of connection to them, as women and in a mothering, nurturing way that being present when your children need you most meant a lot to me. Today I remember how important their constant voices of support filled a void of loneliness in my life and celebrate all that they taught me and gave me.

I believe we, as women can find comfort in one another, can relate to and understand each other and that belief has been one I employ in my life as well as my business. We surround one another in an aura of support and love to help each other through the hard times and be our loudest cheerleaders when we need it. That love and belief system goes into our business and every product that goes out to you, it’s me yelling at you on your darkest day, “You are a BEAUTIFUL girl! Own it! Go out there and rock it! Feel good about yourself!”

At home, both my husband and I are working parents and when it comes to balancing and nurturing spirited children, there are days when we are certainly challenged. However, I make sure our children always feel like we are present and there for them, as I live with the strength and hard-working attitude I gained from my Mother and the patient, empathetic listening I gained from my aunts.
When Marie Curie died, as one of her daughters Irène Joliot-Curie claimed a Nobel Prize of her own, she said of her Mother,

“That one must do some work seriously and must be independent and not merely amuse oneself in life—this our mother has told us always, but never that science was the only career worth following.”

Whether you are a sister, aunt, or cousin, I wish all women a Happy Mother’s Day. Remember that we all play a mothering role in life to instill strength when they need it, and hold them close and listen when they need that too.

Happy Mother's Day,


Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day from Priyanka

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