Priyanka's Mother's Day Gift Guide

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On May 14th, 1914 President Woodrow Wilson officially recognized Mother’s Day as a national holiday, largely through the persistence of Anna Jarvis. It was Anna’s mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis whose “Mother’s Day Work Clubs” before the Civil War were the precursor to the holiday. Anna conceived Mother’s Day as one day out of the year when moms everywhere were honored for the love and sacrifices they make for their children.

The last year has been all about sacrifices for moms, who suddenly found themselves not only juggling work and home, but also becoming substitute teachers and caregivers. All of that extra work and hats to wear came at a cost: stress. Often putting others first, they didn’t take enough time to love and care themselves and even feel beautiful and confident.

As a mother myself, I know all too well how hard it can be to balance and still have “me time” to feel pampered. For the longest time I hid from my beauty, deeply unhappy with my appearance, but over time I discovered solutions such as extensions, weaves or wigs can truly transform your look. Moms often have secret shames, and when it comes to solutions like themselves you or your mom may be timid to try them or even know where to start.

I’ve selected below some of our best solutions for you or your mom that can melt away the stress and in its place: a smile.

Happy Mother’s Day my lovelies,


The Gift of Density

Hair Building Fibers

By age 40, 40% of women suffer from some degree of hair loss. By age 60? That number doubles to 80% of moms with noticeable hair loss. Our Perfect Locks Hair Building Fiber Products are a shake on bodifyer made with 100% natural keratin fibers. We offer 10 different natural shades that can be used to discreetly diminish thinning areas of the scalp.

The Gift of Style to Go!

Clip In Sets

Busy moms often have difficulty committing to different hairstyles, or perhaps just want some flexibility to “try on” a look for a special evening. Our Perfect Locks Clip In Hair Extensions offer complete transformation in length, density and volume and take just minutes to securely fix in place. Made with premium quality natural virgin hair, they’re hand-crafted to last with proper care.

clip-in volumizer extensions

The Gift of a Statement

Clip in Bangs

Hollywood celebrities are loving bangs this year and from Margot Robbie to Halle Berry a little bit of eyelash kissing fringe can go a long way to changing up a look. Our Perfect Locks Clip-In Bangs, like our clip-in sets, can be applied in minutes and add fashion and drama to any style.

clip in bang extensioons

The Gift of Volume

Clip In Volumizers

Sometimes a busy mom wants to still have the accessories to beautify, but need something a little more convenient. Unlike our clip-in sets, our Perfect Locks Clip-In Volumizers offer the same kind of instant volume, length and density but in a single unit. They are fashioned from our highest quality virgin Indian Remy hair and last up to 2+ years!

before after clip-in hair extensions

The Gift of Confidence

U-Part Wigs

Last but not least is our newest offering and one of the biggest celebrity secrets out there: Perfect Locks Natural U-Part Wigs! What sets these wigs apart and makes them so popular with moms is their hassle-free design that integrates discretely with the existing hair. These offer a fast transformation that gives greater length and volume while allowing the most flexibility in terms of styling or parting. They are luxurious and feather weight courtesy of a comfortable swiss lace base. The best part? They are machine wefted and have realistic fine baby hair so no one will know it’s not their real hair!

u-part wigs


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