Move Over Blonde, TikTok Brunette Is Here!

TikTok has become an interesting animal, and for many of us completely foreign to other social media networks that have been around for decades. But one indisputable fact reigns supreme: last month it eclipsed GOOGLE itself as the #1 place to be on the Internet. That’s no small feat, moreover, it’s a sign of the times. Throughout 2021 it became THE spot where early hair fashion trends were born before they went mainstream, fueled by Gen Z who is pulling no punches. Driven by the likes of the Kardashians, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Bieber, last October several TikTokers declared blonde hair as “cheugy”, meaning untrendy, coinciding with the traditional switch that always happens in cooler months: a switch to dark hair.

The trend now is towards “expensive brunette”, meaning rich chocolatey haircolor that is healthy and ultra shiny. In customization, the look can be as dark as dark chocolate or something lighter like a burnt caramel, but the who’s who of celebrities are rocking it this winter and fear not…Perfect Locks is fully stocked with brown hair extensions any and all add-on hair solutions for you to ride the trend all winter long!

There are 3 different hair color combos that make up this new trend and they range from:

  • Gingerbread: a sandy light color that is just next door to a dark blonde, where it is light enough to glow, but darker than a traditional blonde.
  • Sable: Is a rich and dark chocolatey brunette that is classified as “expensive looking” because it's a consistent all over richness.
  • Chocolate Milk: If you’re going for something in between the two, this is a glossy and sleek happy medium that still luxe looking but light enough to pop. 

The TikTok That Started It All

GirlBossTown a fashion and hair influencer, first dropped the now viral TikTok video that asked the question if being blonde is cheugy and looked to Hailey and Gigi as examples of what’s trending now. The video picked up stream before grabbing headlines on everything from The Today Show to the New York Post. 

@girlbosstown #greenscreen #haileybieber #gigihadid ♬ original sound - GirlBossTown

Gigi Hadid

An early adopter, Hadid stepped out in style back in September for the METwith rich chocolatey haircolor look sporting a high voluminous bump hairdo with a diamond encrusted broch. 

Flash forward to 2022 and a recent photoshoot has Hadid still rocking that rich brunette with a powerful top knot and mermaid lengths 70s waves with the ends flipped out similar to classic Farrah Fawcette. 

Hailey Bieber

Hailey got her wedding ready with a new sable haircolor look paired with a decadent desert worthy dress.

Popular hairstylist Tom Smith commented on Hailey’s “Expensive Brunette” in a viral TikTok video that racked up 12,000+ likes.

@tomsmithhd #haileybieber #expensivebrunette #brunettehair #naturalhair #hairtrends #hairstyle #hairfashion #hairtok #hairdresserreacts #confessionsofahairstylist ♬ original sound - Tom Smith

Billie Eilish 

The singer made waves last year when she hopped on the blonde bandwagon for 2021, but changed things up going “expensive brunette” in December before the Christmas holidays and racked up an insane 13 MILLION likes. This new look featured stunning bangs (fringe) and a shorter choppy side and back.

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