Hot Hair Accessory Trends for Fall / Winter 2019-2020

Fall and winter are right around the corner and it’s time to start accessorizing! We followed this year’s hottest hair trends so you don’t have to. Clips, bows, leather, and bobby pins are all the rage this year. We got our best beauty bloggers and models, to show you how you can style these beautiful accessories.

Little BOW Peep

Ashley aka @Ashbegash styled our two-toned clip-in set with such panache! Big bows, small bows, satin bows, and rippled bows are all in! To stay on-trend with the upcoming hair accessories, Ashley used a big velvet bow. To have a better look at how it’s done, watch the quick tutorial above! She used our two-toned clip-in hair extensions to achieve this beautiful style.

hair bow hair accessories

Leather Weather

Leather is a must-have during the summer/winter months. But who said it can only be limited to attire? Elwa aka @Elwa_ styled our clip-in bang extensions with a skinny belt from her closet and transformed it into a headband! Watch the tutorial above, to see how creative you can get with the accessories in your closet!

belt headband accessory

Elegant Pearl Barrettes

Someone once said, “I feel underdressed if I don’t have my pearls on.” Why feel undressed all the time, then to class up your look with some pearl barrettes? Helecia aka @iknowlee jazzed up our kinky curly lace front wig with some pretty pearl barrettes. Watch the tutorial above to see how to be a classy lady throughout the seasons! 

elegant pear barettes

90’s Tortoiseshell Clips

They say black goes with everything, but we like to think, tortoise goes with everything. Our beautiful model, Marie, styled her hair with two big tortoiseshell clips! You can style clips any way you’d like. Whether that be up, down, or half up & half down. These clips will never go out of style!

tortoiseshell hair clips

Bobby Pins Galore

Bobby pins are essential in everyone’s hair kit to keep hair at bay. But why not do it in a fashionable way? We styled our gorgeous model, Stephanie, with some gold bobby pins. We sided parted her hair and gave her side part a punky elegant look. You can purchase bobby pins at your local supermarket or beauty supply store. If you want a bolder look, grab some colorful bobby pins! 

bobby pin hairstyles

Comment below what hot new trendy hairstyles you’d like to see us try next! Add a picture of your hair with the new trends and you may be featured on the Perfect Locks Instagram, @perfectlocks! 

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