Hair Trend: How to Fake Autumn's "Fallayage" Style

Mimic the hottest trend of fall 2017 with hair extensions instead of haircolor! 

Traditionally the changes of the leaves mean a shift from the airy, cool hues of summer to the richer, warmer and more “full-bodied” hair colors of autumn. This year, however…the popularity of balayage highlighting effects were so popular this summer that they’ve trickled into fall, creating a whole new term: “fallayage”. Best of all…this effect can easily be replicated with hair extensions! 

fall hair highlights

“Fallayage” is a concentration of warm, maple, slightly reddish and chocolatey tones integrated into your natural hair. It’s ideal for natural brunettes that allow you to create some dimensional tones with these coppery, sugary shades. For those with black hair, the chocolate end of the color spectrum creates some amazing depth. 

clip in hair extensions


To mimic this trend is as simple as selecting either our #3 Chocolate Brown or #33 Dark Auburn clip-in hair extensions depending on the look you are going for and how you’ll be blending the extensions into your natural haircolor. 


  • For those with Black Hair to Very Dark Brown hair, use #3 Chocolate Brown in Perfect Locks Clip-ins or Tape-In Extensions
  • From those with Dark Brown to Dark Blonde natural hair, use #33 Dark Auburn in Perfect Locks Clip-ins or Tape-In Extensions 

dark hair highlights

QUICKTIP: Brush between each weft applied for a better blend. You can also straighten the hair as you go to better blend the hair extensions with your own hair.


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