Hair Loss Solutions for Beautifully Aging Women

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Complete Your Crown with a Topper

If you are experiencing balding on the crown of your head, a hair topper is the perfect solution. Ranging in sizes from 4.75” to 7.9” wide, topper pieces provide the ultimate coverage. Made with long-lasting wear in mind, these toppers are made of various breathable materials to allow body heat to escape for more comfortable wear. Our toppers can be installed easily with our secure DuraLock clips. For those looking for a more permanent solution, each topper has a polyurethane lining to glue the piece down.

Clip-In Your Confidence with a Closure

Clip-in closures are perfect for those experiencing a little hair loss at the top of their head and around their hairline. Restore your confidence with our clip-in closure. Made with a silk base to perfectly mimic the scalp. This closure is incredibly lightweight and can be worn for extended periods of time.

Reclaim Your Look with a Wig

Wigs are a simple solution that provides an instant transformation. Whether you’re looking to restore your old look or you’re interested in trying something new, wigs are a great alternative. Human hair wigs are incredibly versatile and easy to take care of. Style them however you want and simply wash the hair to return it to its natural texture. With 3 inches of lace, our lace-front wigs allow a natural part to occur on either side. If you’re looking for more versatility, our completely hand-knotted full lace wigs will provide it. Each wig is made with 130% density for a natural look.

Hair Fiber when in a Pinch

The greatest benefit of hair fillers and concealers is their low cost of entry to achieve immediate benefit to the sufferer. No different than buying skincare or cologne, it allows both men and women to manage the cost/lifestyle impact their condition has upon their finances at the early stages. It also offers no impact on health (medications) or safety (hair plugs) and is discrete with proper placement.

No matter your age and situation, know there are solutions that exist for you. It comes down to mind over matter, and your desire to find a solution. The greatest benefit is not immediately obvious, however, once you take control of your situation you will immediately feel better about yourself. Enjoy your path to beautifully aging, it has just begun.

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