Hair Extensions for Thin Hair

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Machine and hand-tied wefted hair extensions are popular among many African American and Latino women because their hair can be coarser and strong enough to thrive while being braided and having extensions sewn on. However, for most Caucasian and Asian women whose hair may be on the thinner side, this method is not recommend. The hair weave process can actually do more harm than good because typically your hair is a bit thinner and not as strong. Keratin bonded or tape extensions would be a better choice for these fine haired ladies.

Keratin bonded hair extensions, also called I-tipped extensions or fusion hair extensions, are normally installed using a strand by strand method either through a heat bonding process or using micro beads.  It is highly recommended to have keratin bonded extensions installed by an experienced professional for the best results.  Because these extensions are added strand by strand, they are very versatile and your hair can be styled in almost any way you imagine.

Tape extensions are a newer type of technology where the hair is mounted on wefts with a special type of adhesive pre-applied to the underside.  After parting your hair in a wide section, simply peel back the tape and apply to the underside of your hair, holding in place for about 30 seconds.  On the top of the same section of hair, apply a second tape extension to sandwich your natural hair between the two pieces.  For added security, gently press the tape extensions between the plates of a ceramic flat iron to help the adhesive stick a bit better. Because tape-in hair extensions are installed on flexible wefts, they are able to move more freely and allow for more versatility. You can even pull your hair back in a ponytail, go figure!

Depending on the density of your hair, you can expect your hair extensions to last anywhere around 6 months before needing a touch up as your natural hair grows out. The good news is that both fusion and tape hair can easily be reused and reinstalled. You'll just need some accessories like replacement tape for tape hair, and fusion glue sticks for fusion hair. When it is time for removal, again be sure to visit a professional who will dissolve the bonds rather than trying to yank them out yourself at home.

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