Gen Z, TikTok, and the Center Part Debate

Most of us probably haven’t spent too much time on the social app TikTok, but since last year it has begun to rapidly shape hair trends and there is one group doing so: Gen Z.

Born after 1996, Gen Z is more racially and ethnically diverse than all previous generation, who grew up in a world powered by smartphones. They live and research on social media, but they are particularly active and adept at newer social media platforms such as TikTok. It’s there where new hairstyle trends are being born before even making their way into hair salons.

tiktok hairstyle trends

Back in October a fierce feud broke out on social media with member of Gen Z announcing that both skinny jeans and the side part “is dead”, while proclaiming the middle part is far more flattering. The center part was a staple of the 1920s, the 1970s, and the 1990s, until it fell out of favor and was replaced by the side part. Celebrities and influencers have been weighing in, adopting the center as part of their go to look.

The result? It’s working as searches for middle part are trending and celebrities have been making the part switch from side to center!

Look #1

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Long Layers with a Center Part

Our Perfect Locks tape-ins, U-Tips or I-Tips are perfect for creating this style and lit looks particularly flattering if you have a long and slender face. This style incorporates feathery layers with textured ends needs a little frizz eliminating serum for a sleek finish.

gwyneth paltrow hairstyles

Look #2

Kendall Jenner Center Part Pony

There is nothing more simple and elegant than a sleek, shiny center part ponytail like that sported by Kendall Jenner. But not just any ponytail...a waist-length pony, courtesy of amazing ponytail hair extensions. Paired with a sleek center part, it looks just as good on a red carpet as it does at the beach.

kylie jenner hairstyles

Clip-in volumizers

Look #3

The Celebrity Center Part Low Bun

This high fashion staple is a favorite of Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow, but what makes the sleek, center part low bun a favorite year after year is its versatility. It looks just as great at the office as it does for formal events. Incredibly easy to do, it complements facial features and can accentuate eyes.

center part hairstyle trends

Look #4

Center Part with 1960s Soft Volume

The defining trend in the 60’s in women’s hairdressing was that of femininity…curves, flowing lines all of which speak to essence of the woman herself. This trend is making a return: straight, but with a hint of volume was the design for Nina Ricci’s Autumn/Winter Show at Paris Fashion Week. This look exudes an elegant Parisian vibe with a hint of the 1960’s courtesy of a voluminous crown. It’s simple, flexible and is a style that is perfect day or night. It can easily add elegance to any ensemble, giving a softly 1960’s inspired twist to any look with minimal effort. Try our clip-in volumizer hair extensions which gives you a density bump to get the look.

fashionable hairstyles

Clip-in Ponytails

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