Celebs Love #CherHair, A Summer Hairstyle Staple

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During the 1800s, Japanese woodblocks would become popular with Victorian woman, as trade with the west opened up. The reason for their popularity? The intricate carvings of wide eyed, impossibly long, jet black hair. Called yurei, which means “ghost” in Japanese”, their striking look resulting in woman growing their hair to mermaid lengths.

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Flash forward and during the 1970s the iconic flower child Cher became the face of a generation, whose long and wild hair became THE trend. Characterized as pin-straight, waist-length, she introduced the look to legions of fans through the 70s and and 80s, shaping popular culture for well over a decade.

In more recent times, for the last 4 seasons celebrities everywhere have been rocking the look with the help of their handy hair extensions. From Ariana Grande to Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian credited Cher as her hair inspiration on social media, garnering some love from her idol.

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On March 7th, Naomi took to Instagram to showcase high end boutique Alara, that specializing in African style. She’s no stranger to Cher hair, as long, flowing, shiny tresses are her signature look, inspired years ago by Kim Kardashian herself.

For her Savage X Fenty spring lingerie fashion collection she took to the outdoors in a stunning 60s styled video and photo shoot. Her long cascade of her was complimented with a smoky eye and big hoop earrings.

Niki Minaj’s most liked photos of 2020? Her floor length black hair taking to Rapunzel-like lengths for a look that couldn’t be more dramatic.

More recently JLo for a photoshoot for a sneaker line sported mermaid length caramel hued extensions that stretched down to her waist. This look in particular with the right hair serum screams summer, particular with a little wave naturally or with the help of a curling wand.

Last but not least for her first collaboration with her sister Kendall, Kim Kardashian was in full Cher mode on horseback in this viral Instagram photoshoot for their new fragrance. Both she and Kendall Jenner had manes as long as the horses they were riding for the shoot!

Looking to get the look yourself? Go for our full 26 inch clip in sets and you’ll be feeling like true queen for a day as you head out the door for spring/summer adventure.


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