5 Tips On How To Wear and Care For Your Wig

When it comes to wigs, women have been caring for and wearing them since ancient Egypt when the elite and royal family used them as statement of their position and power. Since then, the art of crafting wigs and hair systems has come a LONG way but one thing remains the same: if you want it to last, you need to care for it. 

First and foremost, our Perfect Locks wigs options are made with 100% Indian Remy human hair and just like your own natural hair it needs to be cared for. All wigs can last a year and up to four years with proper care, bearing in mind that if you or your stylist chemically alters them through bleaching, coloring or perming them at home it will result in a decreased lifespan of the piece. We've put together a pretty great guide on how to care for hair extensions, but here we're taking a deep dive to maintain your wig so you can rely on it from day to day!

Care Tip #1

Trim the lace so it shapes well to your scalp

Whether you have gone for our Perfect Locks Full Lace Wigs, Lace Front Wigs, or U-Part Wigs, one of the most important steps when you first get your unit is to trim the lace before you secure your wig. This is actually simpler than it sounds, you simply adjust the unit on your head until you are happy with where it is sitting and then slowly trim with a good pair of sharp scissors. Start in the middle of the forehead near the hairline and trim to frame your face and forehead. Be careful not to cut any of the baby hairs that can help make your installation more realistic.

Care Tip #2

The washing ritual matters

Since we use real human hair in all of our units, you do need to shampoo and condition it periodically to keep the hair in a healthy state. But how often you do so will actually depend on how often you wear it, versus an everyday schedule. The best rule of thumb is every eight to 10 times you wear it you should gently shampoo with a good quality, sulfate free shampoo and hydrating conditioner like our Perfect Locks Inspire Hair Care. This is important as sulfates and other harsh chemicals found in many shampoos and conditions can destroy your wig over time.

Wash it always with cold or warm water, particularly for any colored wigs as the hot water can lead to color fading over time. Once you’ve washed and removed all conditioner, place it on a mannequin head and let it air dry. Since hair is more vulnerable to damage when it’s wet, air drying can help maintain the lifespan of your wig.

Care Tip #3

Speaking of mannequin heads…

The worse thing you can do to a good quality wig is leave it laying flat on a table or nightstand, worse still if you try and put in a plastic bag. Leave it out on a flat surface will lead to a misshapen base and appearance over time and placing it in a plastic bag can lead to a buildup of moisture can cause issues with bacterial growth. The best way and the only way to ensure that your unit remains perfectly shape for years to come is with a mannequin that you can pick up on Amazon or any beauty supply store. If budget is an issue, you can find lower cost Styrofoam heads that work well.

wig on mannequin head

Care Tip #4

Wigs are a protective style, but what to do with your natural hair?

Wigs fit best on the scalp the closer to the hair your own natural hair sits, but because everyone’s hair density, texture or length is different you have a few options. A professional stylist or a good friend who is great with braiding can help you braid your natural hair into cornrows with a stocking cap over it. There are other methods as well if you didn’t want to use cornrows or braids. Slicking back your hair into a ponytail and putting the stocking cap on over it also works well and is a preferred method by many actresses.

braiding foundation for wig installation

Care Tip #5

Like Hollywood celebs do, blend it in!

While Hollywood elites like Cardi B or even Gwen Stefani have an army of professional stylists to help keep their wigs undetectable, their stylists all do one thing: blend it in. Along the forehead powders and concealers can mask the base and blend it into the skin along the hairline. Simply brush lightly with powders and concealer along the hairline, parting the hair as you go. Gently dab the concealer with a makeup brush or even your fingers into the lace. Blending in the lace to match the color of your skin will give you a much more natural and discrete look.

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