5 Mistakes Everyone Makes with Clip-Ins

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Picture it: you have a special occasion and you want to look simple EXTRA. So you grab your clip-ins, but they’ve become a tangled, frizzed out mess. What happened? Clip-Ins are the quickest, easiest way to add instant length, volume and elegance to your hair for a statement making style, but just like committing to a full head of hair extensions they need proper care. When your clip-in hair extensions are properly cared for they can last up to 2 years with our Durable FlexxTech™ Aluminum Clips remaining rust-free, strong and ready for a night out for years to come!

Mistake #1:

When your new clip-ins arrive, don’t rush to put them in!

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Because we use 100% Indian Human Remy hair in all of our clip-ins, when you receive them, don’t immediately put them on until you take time to separate them. Lay them flat or clip them in a Hair Extensions Detangling Caddy and gently separate them with your fingers or a Hair Extension Loop Brush.

Mistake #2:

If you’re a shampoo skipper, don’t skimp on cleaning your clip-ins!

For long haired gals or even if you have textured hair, skipping shampoos can be a good way to preserve your natural hair oils without stripping your scalp or drying out your hair. Because your clip-ins can pick up product buildup from styling products as well as sweat, oil, dirt and environmental pollutants, you need to cleanse them to keep them from becoming extra dry, damaged and tangled.

  • If you wear them daily: wash them 1x a week
  • If you wear them for special occasions only: wash them every 3 to 5 wears

wash your hair extensions

Don’t use the “ball and lather” method. Keep the hair as smooth and straight as you shampoo them, combing your fingers gently from them from the base clip through the lengths and ends. 

Make sure to not just use shampoo you clip-ins, but ALSO condition them. Unlike your natural hair, your clip-ins aren’t connected to your scalp that feeds hair with oils to keep it healthy and shiny. 

When you do wash and condition them, using just any shampoo and conditioner can lead to damage if they contain ingredients that can strip and damage the cuticles. 

Mistake #3:

Improperly placing your clip-ins.

The trickiest thing when you first start using lace clip-ins or seamless clip-ins is to teach yourself how to clip them in so they are evenly placed and moreover are discreetly hidden. You want to avoid gaps in your placement, clipping them in one after another to wrap around your head. Remember that clip-ins are miracle workers, you need hair of the right length and texture to blend in with your natural hair. 

Mistake #4:

Not taking time to blend your clip-ins so they are hidden. 

Begin by sectioning your natural hair by your ears, as you want enough natural hair to hide the clip-ins base. Going too high up on your hair will allow the base to peek through the hair based on movement, particularly as hair isn’t as dense towards the crown based on the way it falls. 

Apply your clip-ins with a little bit of distance on the section you are clipping it to as you don’t want to clip them right at the scalp. Doing so, will keep the clip-ins stiff and unable to move with your natural hair, leading them to appear blocky as you move. 

Allow some of your natural hair to fall back over your clip-ins and begin backcombing to build up some airy volume. Apply a little working hairspray, releasing your natural hair back down over your clip-in and smooth your hair with a hair extension Loop Brush

Mistake #5:

Not giving your hair enough “teeth” to grip the clips.

There are tabloid horror stories of celebrities whose hair has fallen unto the Red Carpet right out of there hair having slipped out. While our DuraLock Clips will hold fast and securely, a spray at the roots of your hair can help give your hair a little “grit” to give those clips a firmer and lasting hold. Alternatively you can backcomb your hair right at the sites that you are going to attach the clips to, but go gently as overly backcombing your hair can damage the cuticles.

Avoid these mistakes and not only will your clip-ins look discrete, they’ll last for years to come.

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