3 Mistakes You Make with Clip-In Hair Extensions

Forget diamonds, clip-ins are a girl’s best friend! You can achieve any color, length and style with clip-ins. They are great because you can slay during the day and take them out at night and give yourself a scalp massage. Clip-ins are the simplest and least committal extensions on the market, but that can also cause people to become a bit lax when it comes to the rules of clip-ins. Allow us to set some ground rules to help your clip-ins last as long as possible.

sleeping with hair extensions

Sleeping in Your Clip-ins

It’s the end of the night, and just like you don’t feel like taking off your makeup, you also can’t find the energy to take out your clip-ins. We’ve all been there, but next morning’s hair situation can be more than disastrous! Leaving your clip-ins in overnight can lead to some major tangling and matting which can seriously shorten the lifespan of your favorite extensions. Instead, pick yourself up, wipe off your makeup, take out those clip-ins and put them away safely. Your future self will thank you for it!

woman blow drying hair extensions

The Wrong Wash Routine

Washing your extensions seems simple enough but so many of us don’t realize what kind of hair care routine clip-in extensions really need. If you are wearing your them every day, they will need to be washed once a week. If you only wear them for specific occasions, you only need to wash them about every 3-5 wears or so. Depending on how much product you put in your hair and on your extensions, it is best to wash out the product once you take the clip-ins out. Washing your clip-ins is important as it cleanses the hair of any products you may have used and restores it to its natural texture. After a good wash, your clip-ins will be ready to help you achieve any style!

You wouldn’t want to put harsh chemicals in your hair, would you? So why do it with extensions? Because the hair from your clip-in set is no longer attached to a scalp, it can’t receive the nutrients it needs unless you supply it. When you use harmful products that contain harsh chemicals and create product build-up, your extensions have nothing to protect them from damage, shortening their lifespan and limiting your styling abilities. Stay away from products with sulfates and try to avoid using alcohol on the hair as well.

clip in hair extension products

Using the Wrong Products

It’s easy to think that because extensions come from someone else or someplace else that they don’t need the same special care and treatment you provide your own hair with but that’s simply not true, especially when it comes to human hair extensions. Avoid these mistakes and you’ll be able to wear them for a minimum of 1 year!

Now that you know how to make your clip-in set last, learn how to install them here!

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