The Biggest Fall Hairstyle Trends of 2018

As August comes to a close, the beginning of fall is right around the corner! Say goodbye to your summer hair and embrace those daring fall do’s. Let your locks fall freely or get nice and cozy with a cute and comfortable bun. Grab a pumpkin spice latte and get ready for these major fall vibes!

Bobby Pin Styles

Bobby pins now have function and fashion! For years, celebrities have played with the idea of making a statement with bobby pins but now, it seems like bobby pins are finally having their moment to shine! This trend has gotten so popular that even celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan can’t get enough of these stylish accessories. She’s worked with Us Weekly and Cosmopolitan to show off all the incredible looks that can be upgraded with some glam accessories. Simply slick back your hair and let your accessories make a statement!

Banana Buns

Banana buns are the “it” hairstyle on Pinterest lately. This French style combines simplicity and elegance in the most beautiful way. Think of it as a combination of a messy bun and an elegant chignon, the banana bun is all the rage! We’re likely to see it everywhere from red carpets to the end of wedding season and everywhere in between. This look is perfect for those who love to add a little extra texture to their style. Achieve this look in a matter of minutes by just twisting and pinning as you go!

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Half Up, Half Down

Enjoy long, flowing and voluminous locks without the hassle of unruly hair flying into your face thanks to the cooling fall breeze. Every glam woman on the go has the half up, half down style in their arsenal, ready to go at a moments notice! A sleek bun or ponytail elegantly frames your face while the rest of your tresses remain wild and free. It is the perfect balance of chic and sultry.

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Top Knots

Long live the top knot bun! No fall or winter season is complete without the ever-so-stylish top knot. This style is every messy girls go-to ‘do because it requires minimal effort and is perfect for 3rd day hair. Top knots provide a wide range of styling options that allow you to express your mood for the day. For those who enjoy a perfectly disheveled look, let your locks fall as they may to achieve a stunning messy look. Jazz up your bun by twisting or braiding it to add some texture.

Wet and Wavy

We are all about that wet hair don’t care look! Sometimes that “just out the shower” style is the perfect compliment to your outfit and there’s no better season to rock this hairstyle than in the fall. Take your look to the next level with this sultry style. We love this look celebrity hairstylist Darnell Davis created for STAR actress Ryan Destiny using two bundles of our wavy virgin hair. This style is perfect for those wanting to achieve a bold look.

Which trend are you most looking forward to this fall? Sound off in the comments!

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