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Winter Styles to Keep You Sleek and Chic

Fall and spring tend to be the easiest seasons for dressing your most fabulous. The laid-back months of summer call for simple, sexy style, and often winter is the most difficult season to dress for. If you live in a cold climate, this is especially a difficult task, because heavy winter layers don’t often translate well into sexy style. There are a few tips and tricks you can use to enhance and elevate your style despite the cold weather. Here are a few tips and must-have items to help you look your best.


leather jacketLeather is a hot item this season, and its sleek appearance doesn’t seem like it will be that warm. However, leather is worn by so many motorcycle enthusiasts for a reason – the fabric traps in your body heat and helps prevent cold air from seeping in. A leather jacket with in a zip-in lining is a great investment. Zip out the lining in spring and fall, and add it in the winter. Good quality leather lasts a long time with appropriate care. Many clothing producers are also creating beautiful garments out of vegan leather for those concerned about the welfare of animals.


A nice scarf goes a long way in the winter months. Keeping your neck and chest covered in the cold weather will help keep you warm, while adding a much-needed blast of color with a neutral colored winter jacket. You can even use a delicate material, such as a silk or satin scarf, and wrap it around your neck fewlong hair times to create warmth and preserve a sleek, sexy style. Scarves can also be worn as part of your hairstyle, especially with the addition of extensions to give it shape and thickness. Wrap a beautiful scarf around your head instead of a hat.

Long Jackets

A long jacket is a must-have in colder climates, especially in metropolitan areas where walking may be required from train and subway stations. You won’t have to add the bulk of thick undergarments underneath your pants. A long jacket will keep you toasty warm, and when you arrive to your destination, you can simply remove it. Many top designers make beautiful styles that include details that will make your jacket as much a part of your outfit as your shoes. Invest in a good one. It’ll last for many seasons.

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