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Winter Hair Extension Restoration Tips

Winter can really do a number on your perfect locks. From dry air to frigid temperatures and salty air, strand-crushing hats and wintry winds, your hair takes a beating in the cold months. Treat your tresses to a rejuvenating care regimen to reverse the harsh effects of winter.


Curly hair:

If your natural hair or virgin Indian hair extensions are curly, heal your tendrils with a lightweight foam. Soak your hair at bedtime with Kinky Curly Midnight Overnight Repair treatment. Made from castor beans, silk proteins and moisturizers, this treatment will breathe new life into your winter damaged hair.

Thick hair:

For thicker locks, treat with heat. A hot oil treatment is just what the doctor ordered. Coat your hair from root to tip with the oil and sit under a bonnet dryer for 15 minutes. (If a bonnet dryer is not available, a blow dryer on a low setting works as well.) The heat will help the oil soak into your scalp, rejuvenating it from the inside out. If you're wearing bonded hair weave extensions, avoid applying the heat to the scalp as it may cause the wefts to slip.

Thin and Fine hair:

For delicate strands, a deep conditioner that won't make your hair heavy and greasy works best. Choose a conditioner such as Keracare Humecto or Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner. Let conditioner sit on the hair for 10 minutes, then comb through and rinse.


If your hair is neither thick nor thin or overly dry, go for rich moisturizers such as avocado, glycerin or shea butter. Wash with a clarifying shampoo to remove all product residue, then coat with a moisturizer. Allow to set for 10-15 minutes then rinse.

Maintaining your human hair extensions is trickier during the winter months. Welcome spring with fresh new locks by following these do-it-yourself tricks to bring your hair back to life.


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