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Winter Hair-Care Tips to Keep Your Locks Lovely

winter hairThe colder months bring some beauty challenges, especially for those who pride themselves on luscious, gorgeous hair. If you live in a colder climate or a climate where rain is the norm during the winter months, it can be difficult to keep up your standard of hair care while managing the elements. Rather than giving up altogether, here are a few great tips to help you manage your mane through the winter and keep you looking your best, especially during all those holiday parties that only come around once a year.


One of the foundational elements to winter hair-care is moisture. With the contrast of cold weather and heat styling, your hair can take a beating. It’s especially important to treat your hair extensions to keep them looking natural and beautiful. If your natural hair is color-treated, it can be all the more difficult to keep your hair healthy. Use a deep conditioner once or twice a week and if you can, allow your hair to air dry. Try our weightless feeling hydrating conditioner. If possible, only shower every other day to keep your hair’s natural oils intact. It’s also good for your skin to limit showering.

Go Natural

Your ideal style may include a flat iron, but heat treating is one of the most go naturaldamaging things you can do to your hair during the winter months. If possible, choose a more natural hairstyle, allowing your hair’s natural waves to shine through and use the flat iron only to tame pieces. Set your flat iron at a lower heat. If you must heat treat your hair, use a light protecting product to protect your hair from the heat. If possible, only heat-style it every other day after you shower, and do a light-touch up as needed on days you don’t style. This will also save you precious time.

Refrain from Ponytails

Ponytails are easy, and chic, but sometimes they can cause hair breakage, especially if your hair is already dry and brittle. In certain light, you may notice that many women have a crown of shorter hairs close to the hairline. That’s typically because the hair has been pulled back, and small pieces of hair have broken off to create these small fly-aways. They’re not a big deal, but the healthiest heads of hair have mostly long, strong strands. Wear your hair down and show off your hair extensions to prevent this problem.
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