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Why You Should Check Out a Blow Dry Bar

dry barThinking about checking out a blow dry bar? If you've never heard of a blow dry bar, it's a salon where you only get a blow out (not a hair cut or color) on-the-go. If you have reservations you shouldn't, because it's a quick and easy way for your locks to look their best, whenever you want them too! Plus, not only do your "blowers" (yes, that is what you call them) know what they're doing on your tresses, but you can also choose from a variety of styles.

Curious now? Check out the original dry bar, called Drybar, which originated in California. Get a hairstyle called the Straight Up (straight with body), Manhattan (sleek and smooth), and more! Here are some more reasons we recommend a blow dry bar and why you should definitely try one out this weekend if you have one in your area:

Save on Time

Let's be honest. In the time it takes you to do your own hair a "blower" can complete this hairstyle in half the time. Get your hair done curly or straight in record speed and it will look fabulous. This is also ideal if you are late for a date, have an important work function you want to look fabulous for, or you simply want to feel and look your best.

Quick Confidence Booster

If your hair is feeling lifeless and dull or you've just had a very bad day, head menuto a dry bar. They'll make you feel happy again by not only styling your tresses, but they'll also talk to you during your style (yes it's like therapy while you get your hair done), and if you'd like you can also add on a conditioning treatment or head massage. Even though a dry bar does not cut and color your hair doesn't mean they won't wash your hair (in fact this is a part of their service) and they provide other services that will help with your dead ends and restore dry tresses.

Affordable & Luxurious

Dry bars always look fabulous. Their interior layouts make us happy and plus, getting your hairstyle is affordable - usually around $35! If you were planning on getting a few dinners this weekend or getting a pedi, skip these instead and treat your hair. With dry shampoo usually a hairstyle will last you 3-4 days, especially if you put it up at night and take it down the next day.

Try checking out the dry bars in your area and try one out asap - you and your hair extensions will look and feel fabulous afterwards! ;)

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