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Why Virgin Indian Hair Extensions?

These days, the market for hair extensions is flooded with locks from all over the globe. Online sellers and even beauty supply stores sell strands that claim to be Russian, Brazilian, Spanish, “European,” “Caucasian,” and even Hawaiian. The sheer number of choices can be overwhelming! But making the right choice is easy when you know that virgin Indian Remy hair extensions are the best - and why.

The Virgin Difference

For starters, let’s look at the purity of the hair being sold. Many dealers claim that their hair is one-hundred-percent virgin, meaning that it has not been chemically altered in any way; the only product that this hair has ever seen is a comb, or so they claim. Yet hair extensions from countries like Russia, Brazil, and Spain have often been subject to chemical treatments, either before or after the dealers bought them.

Why? Well, consider this: in India, chemical hair treatments are seldom used and rarely available for the women who donate their locks at temples to use. In fact, chemical coloring and straightening processes are rather frowned upon, and certainly out of most women’s price range. In more developed countries – where dyeing and altering hair is common practice and relatively cheap – there is a higher probability that the Spanish or Brazilian hair you buy has been tampered with and is not really virgin hair.

Consider the Source


Virgin Indian Remy hair also has the advantage of coming from a guaranteed-safe source. True virgin Indian hair is collected from women all over India who come to Hindu temples to sacrifice their hair in a practice called tonsure. These women specifically intend to give their hair away as part of their religious practices, so they treat it well and take good care of it.

Hair sourced from other parts of the world, on the other hand, is often stolen or sold as a measure of last resort; women who desperately need money chop off their locks and sell them – no matter the condition they are actually in – in order to make some fast money. Their hair may have seen all kinds of damage, because they don’t really care for it. And this past poor treatment could lead to all sorts of problems with your hair extensions, including dryness, breakage, frizzing, and splitting.

Greater Versatility

Besides generally being higher-quality than other types of hair extensions, Indian Remy hair extensions have a far broader appeal than Russian or “European” strands. While some Slavic or even Spanish hair extensions have a bit of wave to them, their texture is generally not sufficient to match or even blend in with any natural hair type besides Type 1. The hair is simply too straight and wispy to look plausible on many different women. Indian hair, however, comes in a wider variety of textures and thicknesses, enabling it to blend in with almost any head of hair.


Eyeballing It

Finally, sellers of “Caucasian” and “European” hair – both red flags, since these names usually mean that hair from several different women from several different regions has been packaged together - all tout their hair extensions’ range of colors. They claim that the hair you buy is naturally blond, red, or light brown. However, the color you see in the package could come as the result of any combination of dyes, either before or after the seller bought it. The hard truth is that many dishonest companies buy, bundle, and process low-quality hair to make it look silky-straight and European.

With virgin Indian Remy hair, you know right away what you’re getting. The hair is soft, lustrous, and sleek black, as it was when sacrificed at the temple. If you request colored hair, you know that it has been dyed and still are getting exactly what you paid for. And with Perfect Locks’ virgin Indian hair, you know that each package of hair came from one woman who took excellent care of it before willingly and gladly giving it away.

So which should you choose? We think the choice is clear.

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