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Why is Virgin Indian Hair Worth the Investment?

virgin indian hairIt seems like everyone and their brother is jumping into the hair weave game, we’ve seen bundle deals for as low as $90 for 20”.  With tempting offers like that, why would anyone find it worth while to purchase more expensive hair?

Well it is extremely important to purchase your virgin Indian hair from a reputable company.  Otherwise while you may save a few dollars in the short term, over time the hair claimed to be virgin will most likely not last beyond one installation, if that.  Why?  Because a lot of vendors claiming to offer “virgin” hair are actually receiving their product through a third party Chinese manufacturer.  Often times, this hair is the lowest quality and it may be:

  • Scavenged from brushes instead of gathered from the head of one donor.
  • Processed Chinese hair instead of what they are promising.
  • Stripped of its cuticle which will cause extreme tangling while wearing.
  • Coated with silicone to give it a silkier feel and appearance, decreasing the life of the hair
  • And other problems.

Spending more in the beginning for your virgin Indian hair with a reputable retailer ensures that you will receive true unprocessed 100% human hair that, if cared for properly, will last through several installations and can be dyed and colored to your liking.  Sure it is a splurge now, but trust us, it will save you later!

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