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Who Decided This Was Trendy -The Headband and Ponytail Holder…Made of Tape

Headbands, barrettes, hair pins and ties have come back in style this season- it’s true, but we have recently learned of a new hair ‘trend’ that makes us question who gets to decide what’s in and what’s out. Sure, designers push the envelope on the runway all the time in order to stand out, but using different kinds of tape as a ponytail holder or headband, well, we're not even sure how this works and seems absurd.


It's common sense what happens when tape gets stuck in your hair: you rip your hair out when attempting to remove it. It’s almost as bad as getting bubble gum stuck in your hair- and now that this look has actually been seen on multiple runways- not just one- bubble gum barrettes may just be next.

The designers using this ‘hair style’ on the runways and the kinds of tape they’re using will shock you. Some have used scrapbooking tape, others electrical, but Jason Wu wins the prize with his shiny black bondage tape ponytail holders constructed of tape purchased at an adult store in Paris. Is this creative and classy or tawdry and trashy?

Alexander Wang Spring 2013: Glossy Electrical Tape

An intern must have left the hair accessories at home because it seems like someone ran out to Home Depot or Lowes just minutes before Alexander Wang’s Spring 2013 show.

Yes, the Alexander Wang collection is known worldwide for being bold and perhaps a little out there. Yes, the strips of electrical tape did complement the geometric shapes of the garments with thin cut-out threads, but does this mean we’re going to start seeing people wearing tape in their hair to work every day? Are you ready for another surprise? It wasn’t just electrical tape- it was neon electrical tape. When the lights turned off suddenly towards the end of the show, the models- dressed in their white geometric garments and strappy gladiator sandals- became human glow sticks.


Do you like this trend or do you think it must end (before it even begins)?

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