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What does Chemistry Have to do with Your Hair? All About pH and How it Affects Your Locks

We're about to talk about...chemistry?? Yes, we are, but we promise we have a point. Read on to find out what chemistry has to do with your locks!

Explaining the pH Scale

The pH scale, which is the same scale for chemistry, is basically a way to  measure how acidic or alkaline a substance is. The scale begins at a zero and ends at 14. Zero is the most acidic and14 is the most alkaline. The middle ground, approximately seven, is neutral. If a substance falls above or below seven, the acidic or alkaline level increases quite a bit. For instance, if something  ranks as a 5 on the pH scale this would mean that this substance would be 10 times more acidic than something that ranks a 6.

pH and What Amount is Found in Hair Care Products

Did you know that your hair has a pH level of anywhere from 4.5 to 5.5? Since water ranges from anywhere between a 5-7 this means that occasionally hair can be even more acidic than water is.

This means that hair care products that are made more acidic than water work fantastic at cleansing your hair. They'll cleanse your locks of all of its impurities such as dirt, oil, and more. If you have sensitive skin or fine hair though, acidic products aren't for you. That's why Baby Shampoo and similar hair care products are recommended for babies so that their hair and scalp does not get damaged. Plus, products with a high pH is not recommended for curly hair types. Read on to find out why...

How a High pH Damages Your Hair

If you have curly locks you don't want to go with products that have a lot of alkaline. High acidic products include ingredients such as ammonia, bleach, and peroxide. Hair dyes, perms and other products also are included in this group. This means it's important to keep your Curly Virgin Indian Hair Weave away from products that have a high pH. Acidic products lead to dry locks with lots of frizz. No one likes frizz now do they?

How to Tell if a Product has a High or Low pH Level

Occasionally you'll find the pH listed on a hair product bottle, but not all of the time. If you do come across the pH it's hard to figure out if it's accurate or not. Really the only way to determine the pH of a hair product is to perform a litmus test. Don't be surprised if a hair care product ranks way too high for your locks.

If you find out your products  have way too much acid, replace them with some low pH products stat. You may be drying out your locks without even knowing it! Go on a hunt for some good conditioners asap and make sure the pH isn't that high! Try looking for a product that's made especially for curly locks so that it's designed to help prevent frizz and not cause it.

Remove the pH on Your Own

If you can't afford to replace all of your hair products (who can?!) try adding something acidic (such as lemon juice) to tone the pH down. Baking soda will also do the trick at neutralizing your products.

Now it's time to figure out if the pH in your hair products is too high or too low. It's essential to find this out so that you know whether your hair is getting the proper treatment or not. Good luck!


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