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What a Girl Wants: Perfect Mermaid Waves

beach wavesMermaid waves are stunning and everyone wants them for lovely summer locks. Gorgeous and flowing, waves make you look and feel like Ariel without even trying. You can get your hair styled so that you have mermaid waves, or you can do them on your own. If you'd rather achieve this look by yourself, you'll need instructions on how do get this fantastic look.

How to Achieve

Prior to styling your perfect locks ask yourself if you're using the right hair care. A hydrating shampoo and conditioner will prep your locks for this fantastic hairstyle and keep your mermaid waves looking their best. In addition to quality shampoo and conditioner, check out our other products that are in our vital hair care line.

Working with your natural texture will make achieving mermaid waves a lot easier. If your hair is already wavy, straighten it prior to curling it so that it has a sleek foundation. If your hair is straight, you don't have to use a flat iron on it first.

You want to avoid the prom curl, and in order to do just that, take one inch sections of your hair to curl and start on the left side of the part (part your hair in the middle first) and hold the iron horizontally. Wrap the gathered hair under the barrel followed by wrapping it around and around the rod until you run out of hair. If your hair twists you're doing it right, because this is the trick that creates the perfect mermaid waves.

If you'd like your waves to really set then pin them up on your head so that they cool while you do your makeup and put your dress or outfit on if you haven't already done so. Gently brush your curls out after you take the pins out and if a few turned out not as you had hoped spruce them up and curl them once more. For a finished look mist your waves with a gentle hairspray.

Wearable Ensembles with Your Waves

Now that you have the perfect mermaid waves it's time to hit the town! If you're going out for happy hour on a Friday evening after work wear a mini skirt, tee-shirt, and high heels. If you're opting more for a daytime work or dress-casual look wear stylish pants, a button down shirt and your favorite bubble necklace. Don't worry about your outfit too much though because it's your mermaid waves hairstyle that is going to steal the show. You now have what every girl wants: perfect mermaid waves!

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