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Weekend Makeup - Perfecting a Smokey Eye to Make Your Eyes Bold and Sexy

Happy Friday Lockettes! Are you excited that the weekend is here? You better believe we are! With Valentine's Day on its way you might want to begin practicing your smokey eye makeup, especially if you plan on going out on the night of Valentine's Day with your significant other or even your girlfriends! A smokey eye is no easy feat, but it's great if you want to create a smashing night eye look. If you need a reminder on how to accomplish the perfect smokey eye that's both daring and sexy, keep reading!


For Starters, Highlight

If you use eye shadow primer and really want your smokey eye to last, we suggest beginning with an excellent primer before moving on to applying your light colored eye shadow.  Next find a light colored eye shadow and start applying it with a eye shadow applicator. Highlight your eyelids with a light colored shadow (try a tan or beige color) underneath your eyebrow and blend it well. If you're going out for a special occasion, opt for a shimmery tan shadow that will make your eyes stand out more. Also use a small amount of your lightly colored eye shadow inside the corner of your eyes, but be careful not to get it inside your eye because that can cause eye irritations, especially if you wear contacts.

Time for Dark Eye Shadow

Now it's time to get dark and mysterious. ;) Find a dark brown or nearly black shade  of eye shadow(depending on how dark you really want your smokey eye to be), and apply it to your upper lid, crease, and also above your crease. Apply more of the dark eye shadow in the crease so that it appears darker. Start with a gradual dark Beyoncecolor and keep on applying more until it's dark and dramatic enough. Don't forget to blend - sweep the applicator across your lids a few time to blend and make everything how you want it to appear. Don't get frustrated if it doesn't look perfect. It will take a while to get it just right.

Next up is Lid Eyeliner

Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about your eyeliner! Start with the inner corner of your upper eyelid and draw short strokes. If you can make your liner thicker as you reach the outer edge of your eye. Smudge the new line on your lid to soften it up and continue with the final steps to complete your smokey eye!

Next line the inside of your lower lid with a really soft pencil in brown in black smoky eye 2to finish up your eyeliner.

Mascara for a Finishing Touch

Now that your smokey eye is nearly complete, don't forget to apply mascara! Instead of swiping your mascara brush up and down your eyelashes like you normally would do, swipe it side to side to prevent any mascara flakes from landing on your cheeks or any other park of your face.

Now you should have the perfect smokey eye! Remember that practice makes perfect and when your smokey eye is complete it's now time to get out and have some fun - it's the weekend!

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