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Wearing Less Makeup as Opposed to Zero Makeup - Embrace the Natural Look

To add to our weekend post theme (sans makeup), we thought we would continue with providing you  more beauty tips on how to cut back on the makeup. Yesterday we "spoke" to you about not wearing any makeup at all, even though we mentioned tinted moisturizer with SPF is a good thing. This time we thought we'd provide some tips on how to to wear less makeup on your face as opposed to zero makeup. Feel better now? ;)

  • Do you have concealer or a makeup concealing stick? Concealing and correcting existing blemishes and sun spots may be just enough to cover your blemishes without going heavy on the makeup.
  • Put on a little bit of mascara. Tarte and Benefit are two great beauty brands to check out for mascara. Swiping on some mascara will brighten your eyes - without overwhelming them with a smoky eye look (even though, we have to admit, this eye look is fun).
  • Have a makeup bag inside of your purse? Get rid of it. Before the word "but" forms in your head, read on. Why not try replacing your heavy makeup bag that's taking up way too much space in your purse with a few essential items instead? Try putting a powder compact and lip gloss in your purse for easy go-to beauty essentials. Try EOS or another moisturizing lip balm. Plus - we're thinking that you probably don't use ALL of the makeup you have in your purse on a normal basis anyway, right?
  • Find color product that works for makeup multi-tasking. For example, there is such thing as a cheek stain that you can use as eye shadow and even on your lips! A quick application will give you the right amount of glow without over doing it. Remember, natural is what you are going for.

So how do you feel about our tips? Think you can pull it off? During the summer time when you're going on vacation or headed out for a picnic the last thing you want to think about is wearing more makeup. That's why it's nice to go all natural once in a while. If you're headed to the pool or even out to the ocean water, wear enough makeup so that you feel like you, but not enough to where it's going to run all over your face. Remember to incorporate the SPF and have fun with your natural look - embrace it!

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