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Wear the Perfect Dazzling Dress for Upcoming Holiday Events

Have you decided on which dress to wear for the holiday season? You may have upcoming events that mean either getting together with family members, a work party, or just a casual dinner with the girls. Whatever you have planned you want a variety of dresses (depending on your budget) to give you some options when it's time to dress up for the holidays.

There are a number of styles you can choose from. An example of one dress to consider is a one shoulder gown. Modcloth has a beautiful amethyst dress that only has one shoulder. It is rafted of awe-inspiring amethyst chiffon. As the website says, "this festive frock boasts brilliance from its ruffle-adorned single shoulder to its accordion-pleated, layered ruffle-hem skirt."

As well as a one shoulder frock, find a ruffle dress, colorblock dress, sparkly dress, and more. If you are more of a girlie girl a ruffle dress or floral gown would suit you well. If you like more of a professional and tailored appeal, choose a colorblock gown or little black dress. Wearing a dressy suit may also be more appropriate for you.

Let's not forget about maxi dresses. If you'd rather not wear leggings or tights turn to a maxi dress. Keep your legs warm without worrying about the hassle of wearing tights. Or - if you live in a warmer climate you may not need to worry about leggings or tights anyway!

The Aqua Luxe Printed Maxi Dress from Bloomingdales is a gorgeous dress to wear during the holidays. It has the right amount of ruffle and the color is beautiful. Re-wear it during the summer time or when you go on an ocean dreaming vacation.

Let's not forget about accessories! Wear a pair of pumps or flats depending on your style. Black sparkly pumps are versatile and go with a variety of dresses. They especially would complement the amethyst gown above.

If flats are more your forte find a pair of sparkly flats, or perhaps flats with a sweet bow on top will be the perfect addition. Festive and sweet, the flats will certainly look adorable with your outfit. If you are going to be somewhere tropical during the holidays (we wish we were!) then you might be able to pull off flip flops. Find a pair that has sparkles or another fun element that will make your dress look super cute.

As for jewelry, the sky is the limit. Wear pearls, a sparkly bracelet, your favorite ring, or go out and buy new jewelry! Have fun with your look but don't let your jewelry over power your outfit. Wear natural and festive makeup and maybe you'll even feel like wearing bright red lipstick to symbolize Christmas time.

We hope you have fun during all of your future festive outings! There are many dresses to choose from and hopefully we got you in the mood to figure out your perfect outfit. Or, you can always go shopping for one!

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