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Warm Winter Accessories that will Keep You Chic and Cozy

Have you been keeping your head and body warm this winter? If you haven't its time to invest in some fashionable and necessary winter accessories. Bundle up and keep cozy warm when it's cold outside and you'll find yourself wanting to head outdoors more often as well as be less likely to catch a cold!



Headbands or ear warmers are an excellent way to keep your ears and head warm when you're out and about sipping your hot cocoa and catching up with friends. Etsy has handmade winter fashion accessories that we think that you would love to add to your fashionable ensembles. You can also find headbands and ear warmers on all of the major retail websites such as Macy's and Bloomingdales. Find a headband like the one above that's beige that will match with a variety of different outfits.

Headbands are also designed as ear muffs, except ear muffs don't cover the entire area of your head with the same thickness, but specifically keep your ears warm. Ear muffs are excellent to wear when you are in snowy conditions result in the need for you to bundle up with more clothing than you usually do.


Add some pizazz to your winter ensembles with a beret, which is another winter accessory to consider. Berets cover most of your head and by covering your head you will stay a lot warmer when you're outdoors in the cold.

Stay stylish and comfy in a beret that comes in many colors. When you are outside enjoying the great outdoors, a hat that covers your head is a necessity. It keeps the warmth in and it won't escape, which will in turn keep your body warmer overall.

Stay outdoors for longer periods of time without shivering and feeling as if you can't stand the cold any longer. A baret doesn't always cover your ears but looks fashionable paired with a pair of jeans or winter dress.


If you would like to stay super warm a beanie is ideal. It covers your head, ears, and even part of your forehead if you would like. Unlike a beret, a beanie has more coverage and keeps your entire head warm.

Find beanies that come in a variety of patterns and you might even come across a beanie with sparkles or sequins. A yarn knit beanie like the one in the picture is fabulous to wear while you are hitting the ski slopes or are ready to learn another outdoor activity.

All three winter hats that were mentioned in this post should be considered for future winter outings. With all of the winter wear available it's fun to accessorize and look dazzling.

Next time you walk outdoors you'll feel a lot warmer wearing your beret, headband, or new beanie as you take on the cold weather with appropriate weather wear.

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