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Vital Hair Care: Best Products to Care for Natural Hair and Extensions

shampooSpring is nearly here, and it’s time to plan a bit of spring cleaning. Clean out those closets, and refresh your look to infuse it with a sense of new. Whether you have a new hairstyle or are sporting a classic look, it’s time to invest in some new hair care products that are safe to use on extensions or natural hair. You don’t need to get anything fancy or gimmicky. Often the best products are simple and familiar, foundational products to your hair care routine, including shampoo and conditioner. All products are available on our website. Visit the Vital Hair Care page for more information.

Perfect Locks Hydrating Shampoo

Many shampoos contain harmful Sulfates that damage your hair in the long run. Evidence keeps emerging from hair care professionals about scalp irritation, hair loss, hair breakage, and dry hair. All our hair products are Sulfate, Paraben, and Sodium Chloride free, including our Hydrating Shampoo. Perfect Locks Hydrating Shampoo makes your hair soft and shiny, and leaves it with a clean feeling after showering. It’s even safe for colored hair. Natural ingredients, including French Argan Oil, keep your scalp and hair healthy.  It also adds moisture to keep your hair soft and breakage-free.

Perfect Locks Hydrating Conditioner

Even if you don’t use conditioner every day, it’s a great product to keep on hand for those seasons where your hair is lacking moisture, or perhaps work it into your daily routine every other day or once a week, depending argan oilon your hair type. The best part about our conditioner is that it has a weightless feel. Even women with thinner hair can benefit from its moisturizing elements. Vitamins and antioxidants nurture hair. Like our shampoo, the conditioner contains French Argan Oil, which helps dry and brittle hair regain health and acts as a UV protector to preserve colored hair.

Other Products

A few other basic products will keep you and your hair looking their best. Our Silk Serum will infuse your hair with lots of shine and help with smoothing and taming. French Argan Oil is perfect if your hair needs a deep moisture infusion – it’s a luxurious treat for your locks. Perfect Locks Leave-In Conditioner will help detangle and give your hair extra protection against the sun’s harmful rays. Try these simple products to help you continue looking your best.
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