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Versatility with Clip In Hair Extensions!

Clip in hair extensions are one of my favorite enhancement hair types to wear; I absolutely love their versatility.  Aside from their traditional uses of adding length and/or volume, they can also be used to create a variety of styles.

clip in hair extensionsIf your hair is not long or thick enough for the perfect messy high bun, try adding a few clip in hair extensions to help get the look.  One tip is to add the clips upside down to make blending the pieces much easier for undetectable additions.  Once you’ve clipped in a few pieces add a few drops of Perfect Locks Silk serum to add shine and smoothly gather your hair on top of your head, wrap  into a ponytail then twist the ends around.  A few hair pins secures the style and then you can finish with any hair accessory of your choice or simply rock the style as is for a classic and elegant look.

One of the hottest trends of the season is the extreme asymmetric style.  Unlike the popular half-shaved head made  popular by Cassie a few years ago, this new look isclip in hair extensions really more of a “faux” shaved head.  One half of the head is usually braided or twisted while the other side has long cascading curls.  This style can be created a variety of ways but my favorite is to use it as a protective style.  Part your hair directly down the center.  On one side plait your hair in an intricate design.  On the other side braid your hair into straight cornrows from forehead to nape leaving a tiny bit of hair out in the middle of your head.  Once you’ve finished braiding, using the texture of your choice (Perfect Locks offers straight, curly or wavy) add your clip in hair extensions directly onto your cornrows.  Lastly comb the tiny bit of hair you left out in the middle over the clips to hide the wefts and viola your style is done! This allows your hair to rest and be protected while rocking an extremely flyy ‘do that lasts up to four weeks without having to be redone!  Best of all you can continue to care for your hair by removing the clip in hair extensions each evening for bed.

clip on hair extensions

Lastly, clip in hair extensions can be used to add color, particularly with the ever so popular ombre hair trend.  Since the oldest part of naturally growing hair is the ends, I am extremely hesitant to add color or bleach the tips for this look.  However Perfect Locks virgin Indian clip in hair extensions still allows you to enjoy this trend.  Because these extensions are unprocessed, you will be able to color or bleach the tips whatever hue you choose.  Be sure to select a length at least two inches or more longer than your real hair to ensure the tips will show through properly.  Alternatively you can purchase our colored clip in hair extensions and add a few at the back of your head for a fabulous color blocked look!

The sky is the limit with the number of looks you can create using your clip in hair extensions – have fun!

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