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Valentine's Day Sale and How to Style Your Perfect Wavy Locks on V-Day

Have you heard the news? Nah, not the storm Nemo - we're talking about our Valentine's Day Sale! If you want to revamp your tresses right NOW take $15 off of $100, $40 off of $250, and $100 off of $500. The discounts will automatically be applied to your purchase. This Valentine's Day Sale ends today, on Valentine's Day, so hop on our site and buy some colored clip ons, fusion hair extensions, and more! Have you decided how to style your hair today for V-Day? It's okay if you want to keep it simple, but don't be afraid to try something new on this fabulous day of love! ;)



Soft Curls

Soft curls always do the trick. Not only are they romantic, but they are lovely to boot! To get the perfect soft curls for V-Day (your man will love to run his fingers to your hair), place medium-sized hot rollers in your hair. Start at the bottom of your tresses and work your way up to your roots. Leave the hot rollers in your hair Glamour Magazine Honors The 2010 Women Of The Year - Red Carpetat least for twenty minutes so that they have enough time to set. After you take the hot rollers out, use your fingers to gently separate your curls. After separating them, all that's left is a little bit of hair spray and you have a romantic hairdo for your work day and romantic V-Day evening!

Side Waves

Going with the gentle wave hair theme for V-Day, to get lovely finger waves, wrap sections of your hair around a medium-sized curling iron. As opposed to curling your hair in all of the same direction, it's time to switch it up. Instead, alternate directions as you curl your tresses because this will result in a voluminous look with extra bounce. Now all you need is a hot date and a gorgeous dress to top off your look!

Wavy Updo

If you love your waves but would still like to pin them up for an elegant updo, start by using a curling wand on small sections of your hair. If your hair is already curly, all you need to do is pin up your tresses at the nape of your Beyonceneck. Be sure to make this a loose updo that's romantic looking and leave a few pieces of hair out so that it's not perfectly put together. This versatile updo will look gorgeous with your little black dress or maxi dress, for example. Have fun going out with your lover!

Straight and Sultry

Forget the waves! What about a straight hairdo that's sleek and sophisticated? Straighten your locks or embrace some Clip on Indian Hair Extensions if you want extra volume and length. Not only will your hair look polished and beautiful, you'll be ready to head out for the evening with your girlfriends or go  to a movie with your hubby or boyfriend!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!