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Valentine's Day Delightful Hairdos - Woo Your Loved One with Lovely Locks!

With Valentine's Day just around the corner it's time to start planning on how you're going to style your hair. Depending on the outfit you select, you may choose to go with an updo, having your hair flowing and long, or having it partially pulled up. Whatever you decide there's no doubt that you will make a lasting impression on your date and your hair is going to be gorgeous! Here are some ideas to get you inspired on how to do your hair this Valentine's Day:

A low, romantic, side bun

A low and romantic side bun is an elegant hair style that looks fabulous with a ruffle dress. All you need for this hair style is some bobby pins, a hair straightener, a curling iron, and tada! Pull your hair to the side, but make sure your hair is teased first so that it is a lose fitting bun. Then pull out some of your layered strands of hair. Keep them straight or curl them for some added elegance. Use bobby pins to pin back the bun and style it however you'd like. This is a simple, sultry, and gorgeous hair style for Valentine's Day and beyond.

Looped Locks

Another chic hair style is pinning up your locks on top of your head, creating a beautiful touseled style. It's composed of a dozen of little loops and together they all form a masterpiece on top of your head. To create this look use a curling iron to form spirals before pinning them on top of your head to form a perfect updo.

A pinned up ringlet hairdo goes with a number of outfits. Go casual and wear a pair of jeans with a slinky top, or wear a little black dress and stunning heels.

Half up, half down

What about a half up, half down hair style? To form this hair style use your favorite curling iron and curl your full head of hair, one layer at a time. After you've curled all of your locks or your hair extension, now it's time to pull half of the hair up.

You can do several different styles when pulling part of your hair up. You can braid two small sections of your hair, creating a romantic Juliet like hair style. Or, you can pull up a small section of your hair near your forehead, forming a small "bumped" look that's retro and chic.

There's also the option of pulling up half of your hair all together but keeping the hair on the top of your head straight. To go along with the straightened pulled up part (the rest of your hair below is curly and lovely), straighten your bangs and pull them out. You'll have a side swept look that will sweep your date off of his feet. ;) Maybe now this means that he'll also sweet you off of your feet too!

Whatever style you decide choose it with confidence. Selecting your outfit first will help you figure out which hair style you prefer. Whether you decide to have your hair down, up, or spiraled, create a unique look that he'll love.

Also - don't completely cover up your face. The last thing your date will want to see is you trying to get rid of your bangs every few minutes because they keep on falling in your face. To solve this problem still have side swept bags, but gently pin part of them back.

From Perfect Locks we'd like to wish you a happy early Valentine's Day!

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