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Using the Correct Hair Brush for a Particular Hair Length to Create Perfect Locks

With so many hair brushes to choose from you're probably wondering which one is right for you. Depending on you hair length and the style you want to achieve, you'll want to select from a certain type of hair brush.

Long and Beautiful Hair

If your hair is long and gorgeous you should consider using a paddle brush. A paddle brush is great because it doesn't pull on your hair that much and it also feels like a nice massage when brushing your hair. Don't expect volume with a paddle brush but you can expect smooth and lovely locks.

If your hair is very thick consider buying a large paddle brush, which will cover more hair. It also makes your hair easier to brush out because you don't have to go over as many of sections of hair as opposed to a smaller brush.

Medium Length Hair that Shines

Try a cushion brush because even though this type of brush works for a variety of hair types, it works best for medium hair length. A cushion brush smooths and makes your hair shiny. It also evenly distributes your hair oils while conditioning your hair as you brush. Add a leave-in conditioner for extra moisture and use a cushion brush to style your gorgeous hair! A medium hair length is a good length for hair; it keeps it healthy without it becoming over grown or prone to split ends.

Short and Sassy Hair

Ciara shows off her short and sassy locks with a cute and stylish hair cut. We're guessing that Ciara most likely is using a vent brush that suits her hair. This hair style compliments her personality. Add volume to a short do by blow drying and using a vent brush simultaneously.

If you discover a brush that features a lightweight ceramic barrel for heat retention, this also would be another asset to styling your hair. The ionic bristles from the brush are designed to distribute the negative ions from the heat of a blow dryer and create a stylish look you'll love. Find a ceramic barrel in a vent brush and start brushing!

This gives you three different hair types with three different kinds of brushes to consider. Whatever your hair length is, finding a brush that brushes your hair out smoothly is the key. Even with hair extensions these brushes work well, just be careful not to pull to close to your roots.

Happy Brushing,

Perfect Locks

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