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Uncluttering Your Life and Paving the Way for Fashion Success

Life gets busy and sometimes it's hard to concentrate when you find yourself running out the door. You don't want to be stuck wearing the same jeans or skirt you find yourself wearing all of the time, but lately they are easiest thing to find in your wardrobe. The good news is that there are solutions to creating a last minute outfit when time just isn't there.

Organize Your Closet

Is your  closet untidy and unorganized? Try purchasing color coordinated hangers that match. Once you have matching hangers your closet will feel much more organized and you'll feel more at ease.

Once you feel confident enough to purchase matching hangers, organize your clothing by color, brand, style, or season, depending on your preference. If this seems too organized for you, take a deep breath. The good news is that when you are running out the door finding the outfit you were looking for will now take half the time.

Have a Variety of Jewelry Accessories Available

If you are lacking in the jewelry department, head to Target or another favorite store and purchase some of the necessities. This would include a bangle bracelet, turquoise necklace, a gold ring, and more. Depending on your style, you can stock up on a variety of items that you feel are true to you. If you already have the basics, then you are all set.

Once you have your favorite accessories, purchase a jewelry holder that is easy to organize. Yes, we keep on repeating organization over and over again, but it really is the key to eliminating stress as busy days progress.

Take for instance this wall storage unit. It's simple, classy, and you can hide the jewelry behind a wooden cabinet door. If you'd rather have jewelry that is completely hidden, purchase jewelry organizer boxes with dividers. Once again organizing your jewelry according to color, style, or preference will save time, energy, and keep you sane.

Clean Out Your Closet!

Perhaps you haven't cleaned out your closet in a very long time. We've already discussed organization, but what about fashionable outfits? Yes, it's time to give away shirts, tops, and blouses that you aren't wearing. Sell them on E-bay or give them to an organization that needs them. Keep in your closet only what you wear with room to spare. It may seem difficult at first, but once you clear out the clothing items that you never wear, it will create space for new outfits in the future. Outfits that you will actually want to wear.

Are you feeling relieved? There are simple ways to create tidiness in a closet that is currently cluttered. Surprise yourself and make the change. Even if you don't consider yourself a organized person, make organization your friend. Then when you are running out the door, you'll know exactly where to find that piece of jewelry you didn't have time to find before.

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