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Trend Alert: Jean Jackets and Three Different Styles That you Should Try Now!

Do you like jean jackets (also known as denim jackets)? Well you better start to like them soon because this jacket is making its come back! Complete with a trendy jean materials, you're probably wishing you kept your jean jacket around from middle school or maybe even High School. Jean jackets not only keep you warm, but they look great paired with the appropriate apparel. So let's take a look at some of the jean jacket styles and you can decide which one you'd like to invest in stat.

Bomber Style Jean Jacket - 

A bomber style jeans jacket is a short jacket that's designed to go to the waist. It easily looks amazing over long tops, a maxi dress, dresses, or even leggings, a tee, and whatever shoes you'd like. In other words, the bomber style jeans jacket essentially goes with about anything. It's stylish, cute, and right now very trendy.

Classic Jean Jacket -

Wear a classic jean jacket with a cowgirl look, or, make it your look with a western twist. The reason why we mentioned a western twist is because the classic jean jacket is a longer version of the bomber jacket that lands below your hips. This western style jacket will look amazing with jeans and big buckle belt, but if the western look doesn't suit your style create your own look that will still make a classic jean jacket look great.  For another ensemble why not try a flared skirt knee skirt, a stylish tee-shirt and cowboy boots? Can you say yee-haw?

Wrap-Over Jean Jacket -

Enjoy a very soft denim material that is made to wrap around your torso and usually comes with a matching denim sash that is usually knotted. This a great jacket to wear if you want to dress up an outfit and plus it comes without metal buttons. Wear it with a chic work outfit or over a maxi dress to create a slimming style. Don't forget the heels - glam up this look and a wrap-over jean jacket will become your new best friend.

Now that you know all about one of the latest fashion trends, it's your turn to make this look your own. Buy one or two jean jackets and give it a shot. Use a variety of outfits and pair them with a jean jacket to stay warm and stay fashionable too!

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