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Top 5 Weavenistas of Reality Television

Although most celebrities of all races wear hair extensions or wigs at some point in their careers, the women of reality television often take it to an entire new level.  Pardon my incorrect grammar, but their weaves be laaaaaiiiiiiddddd like nobody's business!  Down to there lengths, va-va-va volume and colors galore, reality stars are the queens of weave!  Here are my favorite five reality stars' weave hairstyles in no particular order.

reality weave hairstyles

Cynthia Bailey:  long, jet black luscious lengths only accentuate her beauty!  Although I am not a regular watcher of The Real Housewives of Atlanta I do pause and stare at any magazine photo I catch of her because her hair is just that gorgeous!  Get a similar look with our body wave texture.

reality stars weave hairstyles

The Kardashians:  I credit Kim and her sisters for finally bringing it to light that extensions are not just for African Americans – women of every race can enjoy hair enhancements! Unfortunately for the Kardashians, the paparazzi has caught them without their weaves and many were stunned by their transformation!  Those long, face framing layers and Farrah Fawcett like flips they love to wear with their extensions are simply gorgeous.

reality stars weave hairstyles

Chrissy Lampkin:  Although she now rocking a chic short cut, who can forget the infamous scene of Love & Hip Hop when her hair piece was ripped out during a fight with co-star Erica Mena?  While some laughed and other cringed, I’m sure the vast majority of women were wondering “Who does her hair?” because while it was intact, it was stunning!

reality stars weave hairstyles

Jennifer Williams:  I’ve lost track of the Basketball Wives franchise to be quite honest, but I absolutely loved Jenn’s hair during the seasons I tuned in.  Amongst my friends her hair was often the topic of discussion as women tried to determine whether it was all her naturally growing hair and if not, what type of extensions she was wearing.  While there is no shame in admitting you wear weave nowadays, anytime you keep folks guessing, you know you’ve got a good one!

reality stars weave hairstyles

Mary Mary:  This sister duo certainly redefines the stereotypical “gospel singer” look with their amazing wigs and fantastic color choices!  Everything from long to short, curls to straight and big to sleek hair, Erica and Tina Campbell know how to rock a wig!  I love that while they are not performing they wear their natural tresses which is long and healthy.  Go girls!

Those are our picks, which reality star has the best weave in your opinion?

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